This week is a very special Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) thanks to the upcoming 24-hour charity telethon that will be hosted by Arashi. Unfortunately, that means the episode was just talk all the way through, but I guess we can forgive them since we’ll be getting a lot more Arashi on the 25th and 26th. Don’t forget that you can watch the marathon live on NTV (日本テレビ) using KeyHoleTV, but it’ll be very low quality and unsubbed (not that I expect anyone will subtitle the whole 24 hours anyway). I like the idea of watching these sorts of special broadcasts live.


Obviously, the show began with talk about next week’s big event.

Opening Talk 1Opening Talk 2

The next Arashi ni Shiyagare will actually be a live broadcast, because its normal air time is right in the middle of the marathon. Since it’s a late night show that’s normally taped earlier, the Arashi members felt that a live, late-night version might be dangerous:

It'll Be a Live BroadcastReally Dangerous

Of course, after more than a decade on television and having done the telethon twice before, I think they’ll be all right. I find it interesting, though, that Ninomiya-kun had to ask whether there’ll be a live audience, and got the answer (no) via cue card.

Will There Be Guests In?Nope

There were actually two sets of guests for this episode. The first were comedy duo Taka and Toshi, who are also hosts of the telethon (there are ten hosts total, including the two Arashi members, and you can see all of them at the event’s main page here).

Taka and Toshi

Taka and Toshi have also worked with Aiba-kun for more than five years on Tensai Shimura Doubutsu-en, and are also on Ikinari Ougon Densetsu with HamaKisu host Hamaguchi Masaru-san, so they’re high-profile comedians.

Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen

I’m not going to try to translate all the rumors about them, since they weren’t all that remarkable. There were a few good moments during the talk, though. For instance, when Toshi-san admitted to mixing his son’s nickname (Dai-chan) with the name of his costar (Sugi-chan) when calling him, getting Sugidai-chan:

Confusing His Son's Name With Sugi-chanConfusing His Son's Name With Sugi-chan 2

Oh, and the bit where his kid calls anyone on TV with close-shaved hair “papa”, even Suzuki Fuku-kun:

Anyone Without Hair is Papa 1Anyone Without Hair is Papa 2

I also liked it when Toshi-san answered the question about whether he could make it on his own (without Taka-san):

Doing It Alone 1Doing It Alone 2Doing It Alone 3

Otherwise, the talk mostly revolved around how long Taka and Toshi have worked together and how well they get along (or not). Not really earth-shattering stuff.

Next came the educational portion of the show, where Arashi learned some 24-hr TV folklore from the event’s thirty-four year history.

24-hr TV folklore 1

Toshi-san notes that studying videos of the old telethons are a must for 24-hr TV personalities:

It's a Must

For a taste of the folklore, the first question was about the meaning of “Sarai” – the name of the ubiquitous theme song for the event. The best suggestion for an answer came from Matsumoto-kun, who suggested “curry.”


When he tries for a second guess, he’s shot down:

One person, one vote

After the trivia segment, it’s time for Taka and Toshi to leave . . .

Taka and Toshi Depart

. . . and the Kensuke-Hokuto family, the marathon runners for the event, to enter.

Kensuke-Hokuto Family Enter

My favorite 24-hr TV marathon runner was, of course, Imoto Ayako-san, who tried to run three consecutive marathons (a total of over 78 miles) in 24 hours. She ended up doing it in 26 hours, but I was just amazed she survived! Last year, seventy-year-old Tokumitsu-san ran the marathon, doing the regular length. The Kensuke-Hokuto family will do it in relay and, after seeing what they could manage, it looks like they’ll be tackling a 120 kilometer run altogether, which is over 74 miles, and just under the triple marathon Imoto-san ran.

They'll Run 120km in Relay

That’s pretty impressive. I’ll be real interested to see how they divide it up. At first, I didn’t like the relay idea, because I didn’t know the distance they planned to cover, but this is beyond what I expected them to tackle.

We get another rumor segment with the family, and again I’ll stick to highlights. In particular, what the heck is Kensuke-san doing to Aiba-kun here:

Kensuke and Aiba 1Kensuke and Aiba 2

And why does Hokuto-san insist that he do it?

Hokuto Insists 1More Aiba and Kensuke

And then Kensuke insists on demonstrating one more time, with a different position:

Yet Again, Aiba and Kensuke 1Yet Again, Aiba and Kensuke 2

Hokuto-san talks about Tokumitsu-san’s experience last year:

Talking About Tokumitsu 1Talking About Tokumitsu 2

At the end of the show, we also find out that, as part of 24-hr TV, Arashi will perform “A-ra-shi,” “One Love,” “Believe,” “Love So Sweet,” and “Monster” in the Budoukan.

So, yeah, it was a pretty slow episode altogether, and there wasn’t as much to review as usual, but it served its purpose – to get us to look forward to the coming weekend. I managed to watch last year’s 24-hr TV thanks to a kind person, and it was both entertaining and moving. As soon as I can get video of it, I’ll be ready to spend some quality time with dictionary app in hand, hoping to learn more Japanese than I have in any twenty-four (actually, I think it lasts almost twenty-seven) hour period before.

Almost forgot – the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for this episode was Aiba-kun, for letting Kensuke-san nap in his lap.