VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, who compete against a different team of actors or comedians every week. Before they begin, some note has to be made of Ninomiya-kun’s latest attempt at unconventional attire:

A Bit Too Flowery 2

Matsumoto-kun compares it to a carpet while Aiba-kun says his grandmother has a toilet with the same wallpaper.

Carpet?Yep, definitely bathroom wallpaper

The guests today are the Fukuoka entertainer (福岡芸人 – fukuoka geinin) team. The familiar faces are the comedy duo Hakata Hanamaru-Daikichi (博多華丸・大吉), known both for manzai and for monomane skits, monomane expert Haraguchi Akimasa-san (原口あきまさ), and flamboyant choreographer KABA-chan.

Fukuoka Geinin Team

The Fukuoka team has been on before, though with different members. The monomane specialists waste no time and jump into their most popular impersonations. Haraguchi-san, for instance, does Sanma-san:

Haraguchi's Sanma 1Haraguchi's Sanma 2

KABA-chan’s hair makes him look like a monument:


The “plus one” guest added to the Arashi team is Takei Emi-san (武井咲), who says she played basketball when she was younger. She’s only eighteen, so maybe she’s still got enough youthful vigor to help out her elders.

Takei EmiTakei Emi 2Takei Emi 3

Surprisingly, the first game is Cliff Climb. Since it’s my favorite, I’d rather see it later in the episode. The climbers for the Fukuoka team are KABA-chan and a fellow who tries to show some martial arts, but ends up being kicked to the ground by KABA-chan.

Cliff Climb 1Cliff Climb 2Matrix-Like Kick

Well, KABA-chan is a dancer, and so presumably gets a lot of exercise. The other fellow doesn’t really inspire confidence.

For the Arashi team, the climbers were Ninomiya-kun and Matsumoto-kun. Matsumoto-kun was the first Most Dame Arashi in ten weeks thanks to his performance in the last episode, so he’s intent on avoiding that fate again. However, he notes that he has problematic pants for this particular game:

MatsuJun's Pants 1MatsuJun's Pants 2

Sakurai-san holds out the chance that there will be underwear revealed, but Ohno-san quickly tells all, noting that Matsumoto-kun’s underwear is red.

His Underwear's RedThe Others Look at Ohno

Apparently, Ohno-san has been keeping a close eye on Matsumoto-kun, and MatsuJun looks comically uncomfortable at the thought.

He's Been Keeping a Close Eye on MatsuJunStunned MatsuJun 1Stunned MatsuJun 2

Sakurai-san prompts Ninomiya-kun to report on his own underwear to squeals from the crowd:

Sakurai Prompts NinoNino ChecksNino Tells All

It’s a sea blue base with yellow dots, in case you were wondering. I hope that’s not too much of a spoiler. KABA-chan is sweating at these revelations:

KABA-chan flustered

Matsumoto-kun decides to take the harder part of the climb, and gets the middle name “hard” from Nino-kun. MatsuJun promises to deliver a perfect climb:

Matsumoto Haado JunPerfect de!

Can they do it? Will those horrible pants (I hate the style) lead to MatsuJun’s demise (or embarrassment)?

The next game was Korokoro Viking, with the Fukuoka team up first. KABA-chan and Haraguchi-san were paired on one of the posts, and got some humor out of it.

Haraguchi and KABA 1Haraguchi and KABA 2Haraguchi and KABA 3

But the real laugh was when the only female member of their team, Shigemori Satomi-san (who I totally didn’t recognize but is apparently a gravure idol), didn’t know the meaning of the word ikigomi (イキゴミ or 意気込み – enthusiasm), which is not the tough vocabulary. I think she was just a little flustered.

Ikigomi? 1Ikigomi? 2

The Arashi team once again faced the -50 point space handicap:

-50 point space

But so far, they haven’t hit it. They’re a bit wary of it, though, and once again we’re reminded that Ohno-san came up with it.

It's Ohno's Fault

He decides that he has confidence that they can overcome it, but the griping about the -50 space continues until Ninomiya-kun insists that they should just go ahead and do it.

Ohno's ConfidentLet's Get On With It!!

Will they finally hit that dreaded spot?

Pinball Runner followed that, with Aiba-kun running for Arashi, and Ohno-san, Matsumoto-kun, and Takei-san supporting.

Aiba in Pinball Runner 1Aiba in Pinball Runner 2Supporters

Aiba-kun had a proposition without a plan, and aims to get 150 points.

No PlanHe Thinks He'll Get 150

Takei-san is chosen to call out the numbers for the pink balls (of course).

Takei Calls the Pinks

Up for Fukuoka is Haraguchi-san, who is prompted to do some of his more popular impressions:

Haraguchi Impresses 1Haraguchi Impresses 2

It would have been fun if he had run like various famous figures, but that would be expecting too much.

Haraguchi Impresses 3


For the first time in a while, they played Shotgun Disk. Ohno-san and Ninomiya-kun were the shooters and Sakurai-san was the receiver for Arashi.

Shotgun Disk 2Shotgun Disk 3Shotgun Disk 4

Ohno-san predicts that they will get four hundred points, but will they be a bit rusty?

Ohno Expects 400 Points

I still think this game is much less fun to watch than it probably is to play, and the Fukuoka team’s turn had nothing worth remarking on. Aiba-kun had fun with his bazooka, though:

Super Fun

The last game was Kicking Sniper. The Fukuoka team offered up Shigemori-san, Hakata Hanamaru-san, and Satou-san.
Hakata-san did a few more of his impressions before the start.

Kicking Sniper - Fukuoka TeamMore Impressions

For the Arashi team, the kickers were Aiba-kun, Sakurai-san, and Takei-san. This will be Takei-san’s first real contribution (she was a supporter twice), so will her early athleticism help her to win the team some points?

Kicking Sniper - Arashi Team

Aiba-kun, always a fan of good comedy, imitates some of Hakata-san’s impressions. I guess this is monomane-squared.

Aiba and Hakata 1Aiba and Hakata 2Aiba and Hakata 3

Well, this is it. Will Arashi face a second Most Dame Arashi in a row?

Before we find out, we get a sneak preview of the next episode, where the best of the middle school kids who have competed in rolling coin tower for the past month will be coming on to show their stuff in front of a national audience.

The Middle Schoolers Invade 1The Middle Schoolers Invade 2

I’m definitely looking forward to that, after all the updates about how that middle school competition has gone.

It was an excellent episode, thanks to plenty of Arashi participation and good monomane. I’m partial to monomane, so I might be more forgiving than I should be when they interrupt the flow of the show to do their impressions.

The Most Omoshiroi Arashi this time is difficult. First, there’s Nino-kun’s daring outfit. Then, there’s Ohno-kun bringing up the color of MatsuJun’s underwear. And what about Aiba-kun during Pinball Runner and Kicking Sniper? Well, I think it has to go to Matsumoto-kun, for giving Ohno-san and Sakurai-san the opportunity to have some fun with his fashion choice. Without MatsuJun pointing out the inappropriateness of his pants, we would never have gotten that sequence.