Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) is a variety show featuring Arashi as hosts and famous male guests from a range of backgrounds. This time, the show begins with a sneak preview of the 24-hr TV charity event that Arashi will be hosting in two weeks. A kind person shared the entire 24 hours last year (albeit in low quality) and I’m hopeful someone will do so again this year. It’s a truly remarkable bit of television, though a bit difficult to follow sometimes if you don’t speak Japanese.

24hr TV 124hr TV 224hr TV 324hr TV 424hr TV 5

On with the show, they begin by talking about 24-hr TV and location shooting (with some bonus Aiba-kun antics) . . .

Opening Talk 1Opening Talk 2Opening Talk 3Opening Talk 4

. . . while we get a glimpse of the guest, prolific actor Osugi Ren-san (大杉漣), before he enters:

Osugi Ren

Osugi-san was in one episode of Aiba-kun’s drama “My Girl,” and that’s surprisingly the only time an Arashi member has worked with him in a drama. I say surprisingly because he’s been in around forty dramas in the last five years.

My Girl

Apparently Aiba-kun knows Osugi-san’s son. I didn’t quite get the conversation, but did catch that Osugi-san’s son is Aiba-kun’s age. Osugi-san himself is 60, and in that time, he has accumulated a whopping 200 film credits, starting in Kitano Takeshi‘s movies.

200 Movies

The first rumor about him is that his audition with Kitano-san was finished in two seconds:

First Rumor

That really opens discussion about his career with Kitano-san. Osugi-san has a lot of stories to tell, without a doubt.

Lots of Stories

However, he also knows how to converse with people, so he turns the question around and asks Arashi about their auditioning:

Matsumoto About AuditionsOhno About Auditions

The next rumor is one we already learned: that Osugi-san’s son and Aiba-kun are close friends:

Second Rumor

Aiba-kun handled most of the explanation here:

Aiba Explains It All

The third rumor was that Osugi-san has three hundred pairs of glasses.

Third Rumor

And it’s true! He really likes glasses. Go figure. Here’s a sample of his collection:

Osugi's Collection 1

He uses different pairs to convey different characters with an expert’s sense.

Osugi's Collection 2Osugi's Collection 3ScaryOsugi's Collection 4

The last rumor is that he consumes around 400 location shoot bentos (lunch boxes) a year. It seems like he eats two a day.

Last RumorAbout Bentos

According to Osugi-san (and you can’t dismiss the opinions of someone so experienced), bentos are a big deal:

The Importance of Bentos

To reinforce this, he brought his top eleven bentos.

Top Eleven BentosTop Eleven Bentos 2

But there was also this:

A Soccer Pitch?

Apparently, the bentos have to be arranged in a soccer formation. The cue cards are really giving Sakurai-san trouble – first with “top eleven” which is an unusual number of items for a list, then the idea of putting bentos in a soccer formation totally throws him off.


It’s a pretty bizarre thing to see:

Team Bento

Ohno-san takes a bite out of the goalkeeper!

Ohno At Work

The funny thing is that they really take this seriously . . . as long as they can take a bite out of the players first.

Matsumoto At Work

On to the challenges, the assistant is finally someone other than the “Oriental Radio” duo. This time, it’s Peace (ピース)’s Ayabe Yuuji-san (綾部祐二).

Ayabe Yuuji

He points out that the Arashi members don’t have an ounce of scary in them (though I think MatsuJun occasionally musters a gram or so):

Not a Scary Image

Sakurai-san continues to have a hard time. Unable to fulfill Osugi-san’s instruction for how the set should be changed, he stays seated, disappointed in himself, when everyone else has gotten off the carousel.

Rough Day for Sakurai 1Rough Day for Sakurai 2

We move into Osugi-san’s Villain Class, where we will begin with silent performance.

Silent Performance

The Arashi members are given various props with which to make a torture scene.


Osugi-san assigns Sakurai-san and Ohno-san to the task:

Time for Torture

But ultimately, we really want to see Osugi-san himself torturing Ohno-san.

The Professional 1The Professional 2The Professional 3

Now that’s a scary face. Next, they need to learn how to suddenly get angry, and for this, Arashi needs to transform into Waru-Arashi (悪嵐):

Waru Arashi 1Waru Arashi 2Waru Arashi 3Waru Arashi 4Waru Arashi 5

Each member of Arashi comes out with their own nickname and a line about a bad thing they’ve done lately:

Nickname 1Nickname 2Nickname 3Nickname 4Nickname 5

Aiba-kun is hilariously unconvincing as a villain, by the way. Even he admits he gets an unpleasant feeling from this:

Kore Mazui Na

How will Arashi do in their new roles as villains? I think it’s definitely worth watching this episode to find out. Heck, it’s worth watching just to see Osugi-san at work.

Osugi at Work

The last challenge was all about eating a frighteningly good meal.

What will they eat?

Altogether, it was a very good episode. It’s always nice to have someone like Osugi-san on, since he’s comfortable on stage and has a lot to share. He’s also got a wonderful personality – he seems so easy to work with, it’s no wonder why he has gotten so many roles.

The Arashi members held up their end of things with more energy than usual. Sakurai-san had a tough time of it, somewhat betrayed by the cue-cards, but got on the right foot by the end. I think everyone had their moment in this show, though the Most Omoshiroi Arashi has to go to Matsumoto-kun, who was forced to play the straight man to two eccentric performances – the first from Nino-kun, and the second from Ohno-san. It’s a wonder that he wasn’t paralyzed with laughter when Ohno-san did his thing – I certainly couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could the other Arashi members. I thought about giving the M.O.A. to Ohno-san, but by playing his part levelly, Matsumoto-kun made Ohno’s antics even funnier.