Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) is a school drama centered on three “dark” teachers who handle problems at their school in a cold and purely for-profit way. Their leader, Takakura Yuko (Eikura Nana), is a true anti-hero, given the way she has been portrayed in the first two episodes. Will she develop from anti-hero to hero or stick to her pessimistic view of human nature?


After a bit of flavor from dark teacher Fujii Aya (Kobayashi Satomi), we see a bunch of students on a train, with all sorts of glances being exchanged. Some have the mark of desire:

DesireTarget of Desire

Others are even more ominous:

What Are They Up To?What Are They Up To? 2

The conversation Toda Toshio (Matsumura Hokuto) has with the girl who saw his . . . interesting moment with Takakura-sensei . . .

Toshio and Takakura


. . . seems tame compared to what else might be going on in this train. Then, the boy with eyes full of longing, Sugimoto Junpei (Nishii Yukito) is suddenly accused of trying to feel up a girl, and dashes out of the train with accusations that he’s a pervert being shouted behind him.

AccuserRunning Away 1Running Away 2

If this sort of thing is really as frequent as dramas and anime make it out to be, maybe they need gender-segregated cars. Anyway, we cut to the school, where the teachers are told to support Sugimoto because he’s a top student whose excellent performance is making the school look good. Unfortunately, in his panic to get away, he drops the flashcards he was using to study English. That wouldn’t be a big deal, except that the particular phrases he used were a bit incriminating. At least, they strongly suggest that he’s a stalker, though not of the girl who accused him.


But it’s the girl from the train who picks them up:


Could this be even worse than the police picking it up? She looks like she’s got a lot on her mind.

Sugimoto arrives late to a critical university admissions exam, having only fifteen minutes left.

Critical TestEmpty DeskArriving Late

Toshio gives him an ominous look (we’re getting a lot of these, aren’t we?).

Toshio's sideways glance

There’s also another girl, Umehara (Nakajo Ayami), who had seen him run away after being accused, but who doesn’t know anything more about the incident:


He’s confronted by his accuser and the girl who grabbed his vocab cards:


This is getting very dicey, and extremely fishy. The way these two girls were looking at each other before shouting “pervert” suggests that they had planned the whole thing. But why?

He always runs away

And Toshio is always in the shadows, seeing all, knowing all. What will he do about this?

Toshio AppearsToshio Ponders

Time for a meeting with Takakura:

Toshio and Takakura After School 1Toshio and Takakura After School 2Toshio and Takakura After School 3Toshio and Takakura After School 4

Dark teacher Uchida (Ichikawa Mikako) once again encapsulates the situation in a few lines:

Uchida's Talk 1Uchida's Talk 2Uchida's Talk 3

Sugimoto is thoroughly tormented, and it’s got to be hurting his classroom performance.

Not a Happy Camper

The girls are true to their threat, and soon the school authorities know about the accusation of molestation.

They Know . . .

Takakura steps in, and broaches the subject with Sugimoto.

Takakura Enters 1Takakura Enters 2

Unfortunately, he’s adamant about denying that he was the one who ran away, which is not a bright way to go, since he knows that Umehara is a corroborating witness. But, we can’t really expect him to think through it all clearly.

Total Denial

Umehara is right outside when he runs away from Takakura. He’s been doing a lot of running away.

What's Umehara's Role

That gives us a pretty good grasp of the landscape of the story, and it covers the first eleven minutes of the episode. That’s a pretty good pace, and I think this is quickest Takakura has gotten involved so far. Already, the tension is palatable. We already know that it’s all going to get a lot messier from here, and I’ll avoid detailing all the twists and turns.

The motives are realistic. The pain and confusion Sugimoto feels totally comes through, so kudos to Nishii Yukito-kun for a great job there. He even experienced some ups in the middle of all the downs – some genuine though nervous smiles. It was a remarkable piece of acting.

Nishii Yukito

That said, the character is either pathologically prone to lying or was unrealistic in the excuses he tended to give. Even in a panic, the way he dug the hole deeper for himself was unusually stupid.

Fortunately for him, it’s clear that Takakura is interested in the case. But she still asks to be paid by, so it seems like Toshio didn’t fork over the cash on Sugimoto’s behalf. What is it that Toshio does with Takakura in those extracurricular sessions then . . .

Takakura Offers to Help . . . for a Price

But after Takakura extends her offer to him, Aoyagi-sensei (Kimura Fumino) steps in to say that the payment won’t be necessary, and that she’ll help him instead. Why do I think that she’ll fail miserably?

Aoyagi Steps In

It’s important that Aoyagi takes this step, though. Her character was left practically useless after the first episode, and I think if she ends up being real competition for Takakura, that will be another point of interest in the series. It’s too early to trust her here, though.

The episode gets pretty nasty, by the way, and will definitely challenge weak stomachs. The method of resolution chosen by the dark teachers was not as much of a surprise this time, but certainly appropriate. There were some weaknesses in terms of evidence, but I think I can forgive those.

We’re still left wondering about Toshio . . .

Mysterious Toshio

. . . and about who Nagashima is:

Who?Someone Tied to Takakura

The next episode is on this theme:

Monster Mother

Thanks to Heiwa Fansubs for their great work with the subtitles.