The number one single for this week was SMAP‘s “Moment,” selling 136,727 copies. SMAP has been through extremely tough times (none of their first ten singles hit #1 in their opening weeks) and extremely good times (“Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” becoming the ninth bestselling single ever in Japan), so it’s hard to say what we should expect in terms of sales. Still, I would have preferred a number closer to 200,000, since they should be aiming for Platinum.

Number two was Mizuki Nana‘s “Bright Stream,” with 75,379. This is a remarkably good showing from her, and continues a steady build in popularity over the course of a decade. Her singles tend to come in at #2 and #3, and only two have received gold certification.

In a surprisingly weak turn, AKB subunit No Name came in at #3 with their single “Kibou ni Tsuite” selling 46,598. This is way below standard. Consider that one of the members of No Name, Watanabe Mayu, has her solo single “Otona Jelly Beans” selling a total of 98,317 after two weeks (at #9 this week). Clearly, she didn’t manage to mobilize her fans for the No Name single, or the other members of No Name were considered a net negative. Or, perhaps the song is remarkably annoying (I haven’t heard it yet, and am only speculating why the discrepancy between the two singles exists).

“ER” from Eight Ranger/Kanjani8 came in at #6, adding 18,423 for a two-week total of 349,277. Yes, the second week is only 5.5% of the first week, but with a first week scoring over 300,000, I don’t think anyone is sweating over it. There was clearly a lot of anticipation built for this single.

Exile’s “Bow & Arrows” was at #12, bringing it to a total of 103,983, breaking gold.

NEWS‘ “Chankapaana” made #14 in its third week, now with 272,406 sold. Let’s see if it can take on 300,000.

French Kiss‘ “Romance Privacy” dropped out of the top 30 without hitting 100,000, so score that a slightly disappointing showing. However, it might still squeak into six digit territory in the coming weeks.

In albums, Kuwata Keisuke‘s “I Love You -now & forever-” continued at number one, selling 61,480 in its third week, bringing its grand total to 613,633.

Yamashita Tomohisa fell to #14, and its two-week total of 87,925 throws into question whether it can crack that 100,000 mark.