Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) is a school drama centered on three “dark” teachers who handle problems at their school in a cold and purely for-profit way.

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi Title

At the end of the first episode, new and mysterious student Toda Toshio (Matsumura Hokuto) approached the leader of the dark teachers, Takakura Yuko (Eikura Nana), and paid her the requisite amount to arrange for her help. He did it in an unexpectedly salacious way.

Toshio Asks for Help 1Toshio Asks for Help 2Toshio Asks for Help 3Toshio Asks for Help 4

What’s that about? We get the feeling that the uber-confident anti-hero Takakura might be in for more than she expects with Toshio. For now, though, she takes things with her usual coldness. Fellow teacher Aoyagi Haruka (Kimura Fumino) looks on as Takakura puts the money in a drawer, wondering who paid for the services of the dark teachers this time. Aoyagi, of course, forked over her first month’s pay to save a student in the first episode.

Takakura and Aoyagi

Meanwhile, another teacher is explaining to a student why cheating is pointless.

These Two . . .

That teacher, Oikawa-sensei (Kashiwabara Shuji), becomes the subject of gossip among his coworkers:

Office Gossip

Thanks to Oikawa, Aoyagi gets enlisted to help with exam prep.

Aoyagi Gets Volunteered

In the classroom, Toshio continues to sit by himself, obscure as ever, but now the girl who saw him make that move on Takakura keeps staring at him.

ToshioThe Girl Who Saw

Aoyagi finds herself in the middle of exam prep fever:

Exam Prep

She quickly catches the exam bug from Oikawa.

Exam Bug 1Exam Bug 2

Turns out that Oikawa is quite a charmer. Unfortunately, we find out that he’s using that charm on a student (Shimomura Asuka played by Ono Ito) . . .

Something Nasty 1Something Nasty 2Something Nasty 3

. . . and another student (Kurihara Keita played by Taiga) finds out. There’s a lot of this going on, isn’t there?

No Way!

Back in school, career counseling with Shimomura doesn’t go well, and Kurihara decides to confront Shimomura.

Shimomura and Kurihara 1Shimomura and Kurihara 2Shimomura and Kurihara 3

Of course, dark teacher Fujii Aya (Kobayashi Satomi) has a habit of eavesdropping . . .

Fujii Overhears

. . . and within moments Uchida-sensei (Ichikawa Mikako) is giving Shimomura curious looks as well.


It’s pretty clear that the three dark teachers are on this case, though they might not act until they’re paid (or were they already paid by Toshio for this case?). Oikawa begins to get nervous.

Uchida-sensei decides to drop some not-so-subtle hints to her class, of which Shimomura is a member.

Not Subtle At All

Oikawa decides to go into damage control mode, erasing all evidence and requiring that he and Shimomura don’t meet for a while.

Damage Control 1Damage Control 2

After this point, things begin to unravel, with some surprises. How sleazy is Oikawa? How will the dark teachers intervene here? Who’s going to pay them to do so, and why would they spend the money?

So many questions, so little time. I think you can answer the first one already, but the answers to the rest are fascinating.

The Dark Teachers Prepare For Battle

I think it’s safe to mention that we don’t find out what Toshio paid for, though we’re given a reason to wonder at the end.

Cliffhanger 1Cliffhanger 2

Altogether, it was a tight episode that moved at a decent pace. The plot itself was a bit basic – the teacher-student relationship line is a familiar one – but the characters of Oikawa and Shimomura gave it a sharper edge than it usually has.

Aoyagi was more of a side character in this one, and I think I prefer it that way. She didn’t have much potential as a hero, anyway, so it would be better if the stories focus on Takakura the anti-hero and the students who need the help. Aoyagi can continue to serve as an observer and a foil, but not more than that unless she undergoes significant development.

I’m itching to know more about Toshio. Mysterious characters always delight me and make me curious. Sometimes dramas satisfy my curiosity, other times (most recently with Enomoto in Kagi no Kakatta Heya), they don’t. With the way they’ve set things up, I’m confident the writers plan on giving me some answers, but I want some development in Toshio sooner rather than later. All we’ve gotten so far are teasers and there’s a point where, if there’s no follow-through, that becomes annoying instead of intriguing.

Takakura is also a mysterious character, but at least with her, she’s made her motives and methods clear. That’s a lot more than we know about Toshio. Why she has these motives and methods, though, is a question that may or may not get answered. I hope it does, but the writers might just expect us to take her as she is (much like the aforementioned Enomoto).

Anyway, all goes well with this series. Wanting to find out more about characters is always a good sign, as long as the desire isn’t frustrated. I hope and trust that they will come up with less conventional plots in the future.

Thanks to Heiwa Fansubs for the English subtitles on this one.