Well, I wondered how the Eight Ranger (エイトレンジャー) single, “ER,” would do, and I was right to expect a surprise. I mean, what does it mean when it outsells the more conventional Kanjani8 single – “Aideshita”? Probably that Kanjani8 fans have a great sense of humor. Anyway, “ER” was the number one single this week, selling 330,854, tackling any reasonable estimate that could have been made. It also gave a boost to “Aideshita”, which had been out of top 30, but returned to #19 this week.

EXILE’s “Bow & Arrows” came in at number two with 95,250 copies sold. EXILE’s target audience is an album-buying demographic, so I wouldn’t read too much into the figures for this single in terms of their continued popularity.

AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu (渡辺 麻友)’s “Otona Jelly Beans” (大人ジェリービーンズ) was number three, selling 87,993. As usual, I think the goal for AKB48 solo projects is gold, so we’ll see if Watanabe-san gets there in the coming weeks.

NEWS‘ “Chankapaana” held on to #10, selling 20,147 for a two-week total of 264,857, reaching platinum level. The second week sales were a bit on the light side, but considering the unusual anticipation for this single and the nice support it received in the first week, I don’t think the number is surprising.

“Android” from Tohoshinki was at #18 in its third week, selling about the same as it did in its second week. Its total now is 169,514.

AKB48 subunit French Kiss‘ “Romance Privacy” dropped to #20 with second week sales of 7,119 for a total of 92,130. The jury is still out on whether it’ll hit 100,000 before it drops out of the top 30.

“Love Chase” from Yamashita Tomohisa continued in the rankings, taking #24 and securing a four-week total of 138,460.

Shoujo Jidai is also hanging in there, with “Paparazzi” at #27, totaling 126,098 over four weeks.

In continuing special coverage of some outstanding albums, Kuwata Keisuke‘s “I Love You -now & forever-” retained #1 by selling a remarkable 120,470 in its second week for a total of 552,153. I said last week that I would love to see it break 500,000 in the coming weeks. Well, it only took one week. Congratulations to Kuwata-san.

At number two this week was Yamashita Tomohisa’s “Ero” (エロ), selling 80,648. It’s not bad for a solo album, but I can’t help but feel that taking number one by selling 120,471 should have been doable. At the very least, I’ll be looking to see if Yamapi can break 100,000 on this album.