It doesn’t look like the Olympics have had the impact that I thought they would, but the festivities in London are still young. The time difference might displace some events away from prime time, but I expect people coming home from work will still want to catch up on their favorite sports. I’m sure watching everything I can, somewhat delaying the releases of my drama reviews. Look for a more definitive impact in next week’s ratings.

You can get a more complete report on ratings, including all the details you could ask for, here at TokyoHive. I am only keeping track of the dramas I have an interest in.

Prime Time Shows

GTO  (01) 15.1%, (02) 13.3%, (03) 12.3%, (04) 13.9%

Iryu Sosa 2  (01) 13.3%, (02) 13.7%

Ghost Mama Sousasen  (01) 15.2%, (02) 11.0%, (03) 11.0%, (04) 9.5%

Summer Rescue  (01) 14.7%, (02) 11.6%, (03) 10.1%

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi  (01) 12.9%, (02) 10.4%

Beginners!  (01) 8.5%, (02) 9.9%, (03) 5.9%

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan  (01) 7.8%, (02) 6.0%, (03) 5.6%, (04) 7.1%

Boys on the Run  (01) 7.5%, (02) 5.4%, (03) 7.3%

Late Night Shows

Sprout  (01) 02.4%, (02) 02.5%, (03) 2.9%, (04) 2.6%

Instead of seeing all the dramas get pounded in unremitting carnage, we got some interesting recoveries in GTO, Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan, and Boys on the Run. None of those shows faced Olympic pressure yet, though, and will in the coming week.

Beginners! also hasn’t seen Olympic pressure yet (it airs on Thursdays), so the substantial dip is a bit striking. Neither has Iryu Sosa 2, but I wonder if it might be impervious – it’s now a contender for the season’s top drama.

Ghost Mama Sousasen did go against the Olympics, and saw its ratings drop below double-digits. Is this a taste of what other dramas might soon face?

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi’s drop is probably the normal second episode blues.

Sprout continues to chug along, slightly below what we saw for Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou in the same slot last season.