Thanks to sports events and the FNS 27-hour TV marathon (which I have a vague dream of reviewing – I have the full video), the ratings were a mess. Of course, they weren’t as much of a mess as they might be next week, with the Olympics starting up, but a number of dramas, including Boys on the Run, didn’t even air an episode to make way for the sports.

So, a lot of the drops might be due to severe competition. At the same time, some shows had increases in their numbers, and I think those results are extremely meaningful and are good signs for those shows.

You can get a more complete report on ratings, including all the details you could ask for, here at TokyoHive. I am only keeping track of the dramas I have an interest in.

Prime Time Shows

GTO  (01) 15.1%, (02) 13.3%, (03) 12.3%

Ghost Mama Sousasen  (01) 15.2%, (02) 11.0%, (03) 11.0%

Summer Rescue  (01) 14.7%, (02) 11.6%, (03) 10.1%

Iryu Sosa 2  (01) 13.3%

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi  (01) 12.9%

Beginners!  (01) 8.5%, (02) 9.9%

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan  (01) 7.8%, (02) 6.0%, (03) 5.6%

Boys on the Run  (01) 7.5%, (02) 5.4%

Late Night Shows

Sprout  (01) 02.4%, (02) 02.5%, (03) 2.9%

The drop in GTO is a bit concerning, but it still holds the top spot so far. I guess Japanese viewers like Ghost Mama a lot more than I do, since the ratings there didn’t budge at all. There are a lot of mothers anxious for their sons out there . . . .

Summer Rescue went with the overall trend. I don’t know if Iryu Sosa 2 has aired its second episode yet.

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi’s début episode did remarkably well. I’ll be reviewing it soon. I’m not sure of the premise, and wonder if I’m going to end up comparing it to GTO.

Nice pop for Beginners!, and it looks like it will join the top-tier dramas if it can keep this up. Such a large jump on a second episode seems fairly unusual.

On the other hand, Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan has dwindled, now definitely in second-tier territory. I’d definitely take it over Ghost Mama Sousasen, but what do I know?

Sprout continues to climb, and is now in the same ratings territory that Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou (its late-night predecessor) was in. Maybe the consistency will encourage the network to continue with similar shows in the future?