This week on HamaKisu (濱キス), Hamaguchi Masaru-san has come up with his most fiendish challenge yet in his continuing attempt to turn the members of idol group Kis-My-Ft2 into legendary variety show denizens. The plot is very simple: they have to kiss animals. After all, the show title and their group name both have kiss in them, right?

HamaKisu TitleThe Plan

The challenge book gives this a difficulty rating of 5 stars, and that’s because, unlike the cartoon, they’re not going to be kissing monkeys.

5 Star Challenge

Kis-My-Ft2 will be divided into two teams, with each team offering up one member to kiss each animal, and another member to take a picture of the kiss. Hamaguchi-san will then decide which team had the best picture. Team with the most best pictures by the end of the day wins the game.

They Have to Get a PictureHamaguchi-san Decides the Winner

I should point out that failure is not an option here: their lips have to come in contact with the animal – and specifically the lips of the animal, if it has lips. The actual pictures taken are spoilers, so I’ll leave them out. And, of course, I won’t mention who won each round.

That said, here’s the lineup of animals:

The Animals

First one up is the hippo, which is rated 4 stars for difficulty:

The Hippo . . .. . . Can Be Dangerous

The particular hippo in question is named Hana-chan, is four years old, and weighs in at 600 kilos.


Kitayama-kun is up for the red team and Yokoo-kun is up for the blues.

The Hippo Kissers

Unfortunately, screenshots really don’t say much about their reactions, because they’re so wonderfully dynamic.

Tentative 1Tentative 2

Up against a very big frog (also a level 4), we have Tamamori-kun and Fujigaya-kun:

The Frog Kissers

The frog has a very interesting front end . . .

The Frog's Front End

. . . and neither Tamamori-kun nor Fujigaya-kun look ready to handle it.

It Really Can't Be DoneAww, Man . . .

Fujigaya-kun actually hides behind Miyata-kun:

Keep Me Safe, Miyata!

Nikaido-kun eventually has to hold the frog for Tamamori-kun because Tamamori doesn’t want to touch it (except with his lips, of course).

Nikaido Wants Tamamori to Hurry

I have to say, Fujigaya-kun’s picture was the best of the day in my opinion.

The next one was the toughest: the scorpion. Nikaido-kun and Senga-kun were the lucky ones.

The Scorpion Kissers

I suppose it should be obvious, but this one hits the top of the scale for difficulty.

Top Difficulty

Senga-kun tries to approach the problem straightforwardly.

Going Straight For It

While Nikaido-kun takes the lazy way out, and just lets the scorpion crawl all over him:

Definitely Not the Best Idea

They decide to rush through the horse-kissing, iguana-kissing, and bulldog-kissing, just giving the results. I guess after the scorpion, those were all less shocking.

That left the giraffe. Now, you might not think of a giraffe as particularly scary, since they’re basically long-necked cows, but you’ve never had to try to kiss one.

The Giraffe KissersThat Long Neck Could Be Tricky

The contestants are Tamamori-kun and Fujigaya-kun, and they have to tempt the giraffe by putting food in their mouths:

Wanna Banana?

The trick, though, is that the giraffe has a rather imposing tongue:

Giving It Some TongueTamamori Panic

Eww! That’s right folks: Tamamori-kun and Fujigaya-kun are going to get tongue-kissed by a giraffe . . . sort of.

Poor Fujigaya

And that’s that. They wrapped up the entire challenge in this episode, and I think the pacing was all right. There’s a limit to how much you can take of this sort of thing. Since it didn’t go beyond those limits, and kept things interesting all the way, we have yet another great episode of HamaKisu, with some unforgettable scenes.

The next episode looks really interesting – a difficult kanji challenge! Hope I can understand it . . .

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