GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) is the remake of a famous 1998 drama, which in turn was based on a manga and anime, about a motorcycle gang leader who becomes a teacher and uses unconventional methods to deal with troublesome students.

GTO Title

The students are still desperate for Onizuka (AKIRA)’s demise, and keep pressing Murai Kunio (Morimoto Shintaro) to do what he “normally does.”

Time for Murai to Bring Him DownIn the Crosshairs

Murai, however, has worries of his own, as he saw Kuwae Haruka (Takatsuki Sara) working at an escort bar, and doesn’t know how to deal with it. He appears totally distracted by it.

Working as an EscortMurai Doesn't Like It

Then Onizuka decided to give the entire class something to think about – he would be visiting all their homes. And no one looks more perturbed by this than Haruka.

Onizuka's Plan 1Onizuka's Plan 2

After a brief encounter between Murai and Haruka, in which Haruka told Murai to mind his own business, Murai heads home to find that Onizuka meant every word about making house calls:

Onizuka Invades 1

And worse, the unkempt teacher is checking out and hitting on his mom:

Onizuka Invades 2Onizuka Invades 4Onizuka Invades 5

Has Onizuka just sealed his fate? Surely, with Onizuka acting like this to his mother, Murai will not hold back.

Onizuka Invades 6Onizuka Invades 3

But Murai also looks like he desperately wants to tell Onizuka about Haruka when asked about his problems at school. His mother tells Onizuka that she had to work as a bar hostess to make money to raise him. She had only been 16 when he was born, and raised him on her own.

Chat About Murai

The tender moment between them was wonderfully broken up by Murai, who came at Onizuka with a bat after seeing the teacher once again giving his mother a dirty look.

Murai Draws The Line 1Murai Draws The Line 2

Onizuka beats a hasty retreat and, as expected, Murai vows revenge.


It’s a silly, though admittedly effective, revenge – the really bad photoshopping that we saw in the preview at the end of the last episode:

That's Some Ugly Photoshopping

And so the fun ensues. In fact, I think this is the first time we’ve seen Onizuka act properly mad with the kids:

Onizuka Menacing

That look is enough to make Fuyutsuki-sensei (Takimoto Miori) extremely worried.

Fuyutsuki Worried

How will Onizuka react? Will he be able to figure out who did it? Will he end up ripping some poor kid apart?

Hentai Kyoushi

And what’s really going on with Haruka?

Where Did He Pop Out Of?

We’re hardly a quarter of the way into the episode, and already, the potential spoilers are piling up. I can tell you one thing: the results continue to be hilarious.

What's He Up To?

Also, Onizuka never fails to consult with the members of his club, now with three students:

Onizuka Club

For the first half of the episode, Onizuka faced a lot less adversity and resistance than he usually does, but don’t worry – it gets crazy quickly . . .

He Can't Take It . . .Night After Night They Do What?

. . . and don’t forget that Aizawa (Kawaguchi Haruna) is ever vigilant for chances to bring Onizuka down.

Evil Aizawa

It was another great episode, filled with comedy and poignancy (at least, as much as you can expect from a comedy). AKIRA-san totally fits this role – he does it so well, I’m sorry to have ever doubted him.

Wrong to Doubt Him

Kawaguchi-san was a brilliant villain, as always, but seemed to get less focus this time. The focus was, of course, on Takatsuki-chan and Morimoto-kun, both of whom did fantastic work in some difficult situations. Granted, Morimoto-kun’s role seemed like barely a transition from his Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou character, so I hope he doesn’t get typecast (unless he likes these kinds of hothead roles, of course). That said, I like Murai far more than his Bakarea character. I have to note that there are certain scenes where he looks way older than his actual fifteen (actually, he was fourteen while filming this episode, with his birthday on July 15th).

Shintaro Looking Older 1Shintaro Looking Older 2

The plot kept up a fast pace all the way through, without a dull moment. At this point, anything less would be a disappointment. It was also less ordinary than what we saw in episode two – markedly edgier.

Is there any other way I can say how good this episode was? Oh, I forgot to mention how much I like the character of school director Sakurai Ryoko, played by Kuroki Hitomi-san. Her character has to make all the crazy things he does credible – treading a thin line between supporting him and keeping the threat of forced resignation on him. After all, unless his job is really on the line, there isn’t any tension. So, it’s a difficult tightrope, and so far Kuroki-san and the writers are handling it effectively.

People Have Various Hobbies

Thanks once again to Eric Paroissien for the subtitles. They’re available both at D-Addicts and his website.