Ghost Mama Sousasen (ゴーストママ捜査線- Ghost Mama Investigation Line) is a drama where the main detective is a ghost who tries to help other ghosts free themselves from regrets. The ghost, Uehara Choko, is played by Nakama Yukie, and her son Tonbo, who also plays a primary part in the cases, is played by six-year-old Kimino Yuma. Sawamura Ikki plays her husband, Kohei, and Shida Mirai plays Aoi, her daughter.

Ghost Mama Sousasen TitleNakama Yukie

This episode begins with domestic affairs. With the Uehara family so stacked with acting talent, I suppose we will get a lot of home scenes.

Uehara Family

Choko also spies in on Tonbo at school:

She's Haunting Him

With his mother following him around everywhere . . . I know it might be some mothers’ dream come true, but this could fundamentally damage him psychologically, don’t you think? Worse, though, his father’s there to watch him in swim class, too:

He's There, Too

A police officer thought Kohei was a bit suspicious, peeping in on the kids, but eventually recognized Kohei as Choko’s husband. Unfortunately, Kohei and the officer end up checking out the swim teacher:

What's With the Peeping?Checking Out the Swim Teacher

Meanwhile, Choko moves on to trying to fix other people’s kids, too:

Constant Mothering 1Constant Mothering 2

Frustrated by the littering of a cigarette, she tries with all her might to pick up the trash, only to be beaten to it by the ghost who has been popping up in her midst since episode one:

How Does He Do It?

Convinced by his example that she, too, can learn to pick up objects (does that make her a poltergeist instead of a ghost?), she proceeds to practice.

Practice 1Practice 2Practice 3

Simple effort isn’t the key, though – it’s more a matter of what goes on in your head. Frankly, I’ve not been impressed in the character of Choko on that score, but once we get to the case, maybe I’ll reconsider that assessment.

TipShe Doesn't Do Zen Talk

It doesn’t take long for her to ask her fellow ghost, Takeru, why he’s stuck on this plane of existence:

Takeru's Story 1Takeru's Story 2

I thought this would be more of a crime or mystery drama, but are the cases going to be about stuff like bringing people together and facilitating apologies? Choko sure seems interested in his story:

And then?Otoko Da Yo!

Interestingly, Tonbo can see Takeru using his mother’s glasses, which means he can see all ghosts, and not just her. For some reason, Choko automatically assumes this, but I don’t see why she should – it doesn’t seem like a given.

Tonbo’s own reaction is far more logical – he didn’t assume anything, and is properly surprised when he finds out that the glasses are far more powerful that anyone had realized.

Whoa! Super Glasses! 1Whoa! Super Glasses! 2Whoa! Super Glasses! 3

Heck, with those glasses, he could get a pretty good gig as a ghost hunter or something like that. Here’s a puzzle for you, though – sure, he can see the ghosts with the glasses, but how is it that he can hear them?

Well, Choko’s already ahead in this game. Within seconds, she realizes that they can use Tonbo to help Takeru to communicate with the girl he was tied by fate to. Tonbo readily agrees to help with this.

Eager Tonbo

Bizarrely, after correctly assuming that Tonbo would be able to see Takeru, Choko forgets that no one else can when her husband and daughter walk in:

Clueless Choko

And this continues to be my problem with this character – she’s lacking in functional intelligence (especially with regard to who can and cannot see ghosts). Tonbo’s brighter, but can he carry the series? While he’s unbearably cute, that’s not enough to drive a series (whatever the Japanese seem to think sometimes).

Tonbo Being CuteTonbo Being Cute 2

Anyway, the investigation begins. This involves Tonbo doing all sorts of things, including soliciting information in a park and infiltrating Takeru’s home.

In the ParkLooking Through Closets

Will they be able to help Takeru? Will doing so mean that he disappears from the series (which would be sad – I’m just starting to like the character)? Is solving simple problems like this really what this show’s going to be all about?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, this episode was a bit of a yawner. It had about half an hour of material in it, and if this was a half-hour series, I’d be fine with it. It was sweet. I suppose it was heart-warming for those who need their hearts warmed. It was too basic, though – you can anticipate everything that happens way too easily.

As you can guess, my main problem is that I find Choko insufferable. I don’t know anything about being a mother, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to watch Choko at it. I’m sure I’ve watched motherly characters in the past without gagging, so it’s not motherhood as a whole – it’s just Choko. I’m also afraid the plots are going to stay very limited because Choko can’t go very far without Tonbo, so the writers have to come up with situations that Tonbo can deal with.

This series is now at the bottom of my priority list. In theory, it should have been ahead of Sprout, given the interesting premise, but at least in Sprout I don’t actively dislike any of the characters.

Most Irritating Character of the Season?