Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) is an hour-long variety show featuring Arashi as hosts and famous male guests from a range of backgrounds. This week, I’m happy to say that the guest is Kagawa Shinji-san (香川 真司), soccer player (or, if you’re outside the U.S., footballer) for Manchester United and, more importantly in coming weeks, for the Japanese national team.

Kagawa ShinjiArashi

As they did last week, Arashi began with a mini-game meant to hint at who the guest is before he actually stepped out. In this case, it was an arcade-like kicking game, with each member kicking with all his might to score points. Who’ll win? Ninomiya-kun was up first and . . . is 205 points good or bad?

Kicking Game 1Kicking Game 2Kicking Game 3

Kagawa-san then comes onto the stage. He’s a soft-spoken type, which is endearing but not very entertaining. They quickly bring out the comedy duo “Oriental Radio” to help spice things up. Nakada-san gets congratulations for his recent marriage:

Oriental Radio 1Oriental Radio 2

As usual, we are told rumors about the guest, and he gets to confirm or refute them. The first one is pretty basic: he’s recently woken up to fashion. That’s . . . sort of boring as far as rumors go.

Rumor 1

Here’s a before and after of his fashion sense (and I, of course, saw no problem with the “before” picture):


I can’t be translating the second rumor right, because it also seems completely plain. Far more interesting is the line of questions that comes out of it. First, Sakurai-san asks him whether he likes a cute style or beautiful (perhaps sexy) style, but then follows up with the question he really wanted to get to:

Boobs or Butts

That’s right: boobs or butts (forgive the crudeness, but he sure made it sound that way). I’ll leave Kagawa-san’s choice a surprise. Matsumoto-kun gets some humor points here.

The third rumor is that he would like to play the lead role in a romantic drama. Again, as far as rumors go . . . this is totally standard and unsurprising, isn’t it? Kagawa-san had better think of juicier tidbits if he wants to get TV gigs.

Rumor 3

But the Arashi guys are prepared to turn this rather plain fact into something interesting. Here’s a hint: the drama Kagawa-san really liked was Hana Yori Dango. Get a load of Matsumoto-kun’s face when he sees the cue cards:


Basically, they’re going to reenact a famous scene from Hana Yori Dango, with Matsumoto-kun performing his famous role to show how it’s done and Kagawa-san doing it after.

As you might already know if you remember the teasers to this episode from last week or at the beginning of the show, their love interest will be played by Ohno-san. Why Ohno? Because he’s best at selling this kind of scene. Check out the look of absolute bliss on his face when he’s being held by Matsumoto-kun:


And then by Kagawa-san:

OhnoBliss Take 2

Of course, he’s unwilling to let go once he has his prey:

Arashi CelebratesOhno Doesn't Let GoKagawa Had a Good Smell

We get another rumor, but this one is even less interesting than the rest – he likes udon from a particular place. I so don’t care. Will the audience say “eh~” to anything? Yes, apparently.

He Likes His Udon . . . So?

Time for the real stuff: training.

Arashi Team Enters 1Arashi Team Enters 2Arashi Lineup

Sakurai-san sees his rival Kawashima . . .

Kawashima! 1Kawashima! 2

. . . and he’s totally obsessed by him.

Kawashima 3

The turns are decided, of course, by janken.


Unfortunately, it’s a throwing contest:

Throwing Contest

That’s . . . unexpected. I mean, yes, they sometimes have to throw the ball in soccer, but . . . nevermind.

I’ll leave the results as a surprise, but let me just say that certain members of Arashi are surprisingly bad at throwing. The reward for success is food (naturally) and the batsu game for failure is senburi tea (isn’t this way too normal for an Arashi show?).

In the middle of the competition, we cut away for the “Encounter the Unknown” segment with Ninomiya-kun. It was a food topic this time – cha-wan mushi (茶碗蒸し – egg custard, though I think it literally translates to “steaming tea cup”).

Encounter the Unknown 1Encounter the Unknown 2Encounter the Unknown 3

Looks good. Ninomiya-kun learns how to make it:

The IngredientsNino At Work

And then presents the cha-wan mushi he made to Ohno-san:

Ohno Gets Fed 1Ohno Gets Fed 3Ohno Gets Fed 4Ohno Gets Fed 5

The competition continues after that, with Matsumoto-kun’s toss, then a try for Ohno-san and Aiba-kun. Will Aiba-kun have to drink senburi tea to make up for all the pain Aiba tea has caused on Himitsu no Arashi?

Aiba Up

How will Kagawa-san himself do?

Kagawa v Brazil

Watch and find out! I can tell you one thing, though: Ohno-san had a really good week. It seems like he’s a lot more relaxed and energetic now that Kagi no Kakatta Heya has finished up, and we’re getting all sorts of good Ohno-moments. Watching this, I don’t think you’ll disagree that Ohno-san was this episode’s Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi.

Kagawa-san was less fun than I expected, and probably a bit nervous. The challenge was amusing, but far too simple. The Arashi members did a lot to take things up a notch, but with my expectations high, the results let me down a bit.