So here we are: the grand finale of the Tamamori v. Miyata Challenge on HamaKisu (濱キス). If you don’t know all about this already, I’ll refer you to the Tamamori Challenge articles here and here, and the Miyata parts here, here and here. It’s been a grand odyssey, and now, everything finally comes together.

Tamamori's ChallengeTamamori v Miyata

This has to have been the funniest and most exciting HamaKisu episode yet. The trouble is, it’s just one big spoiler, isn’t it? So, here’s the thing: I won’t reveal who won the challenge, but I will be putting up screencaps of Tamamori-kun’s reactions when he finds out what Miyata-kun has been up to. So, if you don’t want to read about it before you’ve watched it, you have been warned.

Comparison Through the Week

The exciting part is the first half, where we find out who won the Ikinari Ougon Densetsu challenge between Takahashi-san, Gyaru-san, and Tamamori-kun. Did Tamamori-kun’s onion strategy work?

The Onions

We saw this already in Ikinari Ougon Densetsu itself, but now we get to see it through the eyes of Miyata-kun and Hamaguchi-san, as Hamaguchi-san explains the art of variety show climaxes.

Hamaguchi and Miyata

For instance, the need to strike a definite pose in the entry scene:

He's got the trident!One Pose

Though we have to wonder about Hamaguchi-san’s own entry scenes . . .

Hamaguchi's Entry 1Hamaguchi's Entry 2

When Miyata-kun almost dumps out all his money at once, Hamaguchi-san has to stop him.

That's Wrong

Of course, the key is to bring the money out one coin or bill at a time, to keep up the suspense.

One at a Time


Oh, and to allow for commercial breaks.

All For the CMs

Time for the counting . . .

A 1000 yen note

. . . and Hamaguchi-san suddenly regrets that he created Ichi-yen Tamamori because now they have to count up all those pennies:

Ichi-yen Tamamori 1Ichi-yen Tamamori . . .. . . The MovieTough to Count them, Though

Who will win? Well, after that’s wrapped up, they head in to see Tamamori-kun, and congratulate him on completion of the challenge, though Miyata-kun seems to overdo it:

You Survived!

Tamamori-kun is surprised that only Miyata-kun is there, but not as surprised as he is when Hamaguchi-san tells him they’ll be going for a HamaKisu location shoot immediately.

Checking that Ikinari Ougon Densetsu's Done With TamamoriA Bit of a Location ShootYou've Got to be Lying

He tries to get help from the staff, insisting that this is impossible.

It's Impossible (Help!)

He recognizes the building they ultimately arrive at . . .

Looks Familiar

. . . and they step into the room he inhabited for a month for a brief second . . .

But it's not here

. . . but then they head two doors down to Miyata-kun’s room. The screenshots tell the whole story (and are total spoilers, so don’t look unless you’re ready!).

Tamamori Finds Out 1Tamamori Finds Out 2Tamamori Finds Out 3Tamamori Finds Out 4

He sees the scrolls saying that someone will win against Tamamori, but only after a bit more looking around does her realize who the room belongs to.

Tamamori Finds Out 5Tamamori Finds Out 6Tamamori Finds Out 7Tamamori Finds Out 8You Did It?

Hamaguchi-san explains Miyata-kun’s challenge.

LaughterHamaguchi Explains

Tamamori-kun gets a look at Miyata-kun’s diary:

Miyata's DiaryYou're Messing With Me!

And, finally, they tell Tamamori-kun who won between the two of them. Tamamori-kun’s reactions had me laughing all the way. He was delightfully bewildered the whole time, and utter disbelief is an expression his face does remarkably well.

Confused Eyes

Miyata-kun, for his part, just had to stand/sit there quietly, enjoying the effect.

So, even though this was just a wrap-up episode, it was beautifully entertaining. Because there’s a lot more talking than doing, though, some knowledge of Japanese helps. But even if you don’t understand what they say, Tamamori-kun’s expressions still make the half-hour fun to watch.

Can HamaKisu do even better than this? Well, the next episode looks promising. You remember how they did a location shoot at a zoo while both Miyata-kun and Tamamori-kun were in the middle of the challenge? It turns out that they spent that time kissing animals:

Princess Tamamori (and the Frog)

But this is Hamaguchi-san we’re talking about, so the challenge is real, and I wouldn’t want to be in the place of the Kis-My-Ft2 members:

Hippo Kiss?Scorpion Kiss!?