Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) is an hour-long variety show featuring Arashi as hosts and famous male guests from a range of backgrounds. For this episode, the guest is legendary folk singer-songwriter Sada Masashi (佐田 雅志 or, more commonly, さだまさし). I don’t think I’ve seen him on a variety show before, but I’ve sure seen him impersonated – he’s a monomane favorite.

Sada Masashi

Not knowing who the guest is, Arashi begin the show faced with a challenge: they have to say any phrase they like loudly into the microphone to score points:

Opening Challenge 1Opening Challenge 2Opening Challenge 3

Right away, this episode is loads of fun. Between seeing what phrases they pick and who ultimately gets what score, this was already looking like a good episode. Based on the challenge, the Arashi members try to guess who the guest is, they decide that Katsumata Kunikazu-san (勝俣州和), the loudest man in Japan (at least from what I’ve seen), is the likeliest possibility.

Could It Be Katsumata?He's Got a Really Loud Voice

Instead, they get a real surprise when Sada-san appears.

Surprise 1Surprise 2Sada Walks Out

After the normal greetings, and a treat Sada-san has for the winner of the challenge, they get down to business. We get to hear three rumors about Sada-san. First, at 28 years old, he managed to have a 2.8 billion yen debt!

Rumor 1

He confirms that it’s a lie, much to the relief of the Arashi members:

Uso Da Ne

But then he follows up by saying that, adjusting for interest, it was actually 3.5 billion yen (around $43.75 million)!

3.5 Billion Yen Da!

How did he manage to accumulate such a debt? My translating is a bit fuzzy, but a movie was involved. Anyway, he paid it off by singing his ass off and doing 162 performances every year:

Utatte Utatte Utatte162 performances a year

Rumor #2: he owns an island.

Rumor 2Sada Island?

And this one’s unequivocally true:

Honto Desu

Big spender, isn’t he? Well, here it is, and apparently Sakurai-san knows about it:

Sada Island 1Sada Island 2Sada Island 3Sada Island 4

When the possibility of visiting it comes up, Ohno-san is, of course, interested in the fishing opportunities.

Ohno Wants to Fish

Rumor 3: he came up with the theme of the famous 80s drama “Kita no Kuni kara” (北の国から) in an hour.

Rumor 3

For this, he actually demonstrated exactly how it happened. Since the theme is ubiquitous (I’ve never seen the drama, but I’ve definitely heard this theme all over the place), the members of Arashi were clearly moved when he played it live.

Kita no Kuni kara Theme 1Kita no Kuni kara Theme 2Kita no Kuni kara Theme 3

Now, time for Arashi to learn something. To assist Sada-san, we get . . .

Katsumata 1

Yes! It’s the aforementioned Katsumata Kunikazu-san, here to exhibit the power of his voice (much like Sada-san is, though in a very different way). Katsumata-san reveals that Arashi and Sada-san will collaborate on writing a song, each half of this collaboration taking half an hour.

Katsumata 2

Time for a change of set, so Sada-san asks Sakurai-san to announce the change while doing a monomane of Tanaka Kunie-san (the lead actor of Kita no Kuni kara, who is another common monomane target).

Tanaka Kunie Monomane 1Tanaka Kunie Monomane 2Tanaka Kunie Monomane 3

Sada-san’s song writing school proves an absolutely serious matter, and I think it might even be useful for us creative types. His method for lyric writing has three steps. First, selecting a theme.

Sada School 1

Eventually, the suggestion that gains traction is “barbeque” (they’re always thinking about food . . .).

Theme: Barbeque

They then have to brainstorm things they associate with barbeques, and Ohno-san firmly recommends bell peppers:

Piman 1Piman 2Piman 3

Step two to song writing: write verses in 5-7-5 form.

Sada School 2

Each Arashi member comes up with their own 5-7-5, then Sada-san goes through them, circling key elements (imagery and feelings).

This is School, Folks!

Then, finally, they use what they have done to compose the real lyrics, with each Arashi member responsible for a verse along the guidelines Sada-san suggested when he reviewed their 5-7-5 lines.

Sada School 3

The process looks like a lot of fun:

Aiba Laugh

And Sada-san goes through the final lines, giving hints on how they could be improved, including the need to specify the color of the boat and the nature of the rumors:

Sada Tip 1Sada Tip 2

Aiba-kun’s lines were perfect, though . . .

Kanpeki Desu

. . . and actually, one of his lines became the title of the song.

The Song's Title

Now that the lyrics are done, it’s all up to Sada-san to come up with the melody.

It's ImpossibleSada at Work

The collaboration is complete . . .

Song Credits

. . . so Sada-san performs the song.

Sada Performs 1Sada Performs 2Sada Performs 3Sada Performs 4

He fixed up the lyrics a bit, and the difference between the raw Arashi version and his version are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Sada Performs 5

So that’s that. The episode moved quickly and stayed interesting throughout. Sada-san was an engaging guest, and was really the focus of the episode. While other guests have seemed less sure about what they were doing for the hour, or had weak themes to what they were teaching Arashi, it was pretty clear that Sada-san came in with a clear plan and was confident in it. That did a lot to make this a great episode, and to keep it moving at a good pace.

The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for the episode has to be Ohno-san, for being totally focused on fishing throughout the episode except for when he was mentioning bell peppers, and for getting his preferred fish reference sung by Sada-san.

There was a 24-hour TV marathon progress report after the main show was over, then we got a glimpse of the next episode:

Next Show 1Next Show 2

I love it when sports stars come on the show! The new Japanese soccer uniforms, though . . . let’s just say I liked the old ones better. But hey, it looks like next week will be fun.

Next Show 3