VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, who compete against a different team of actors or comedians every week. Before we get to the guests for this week, Arashi has to deal with a cameraman who has his fly open:
Get That Fly Closed, You! 2Get That Fly Closed, You!

Then an otsukaresama deshita (お疲れ様でした – thank you for your hard work) for Ohno-san, whose drama “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” is now complete.

O-tsukaresama Deshita

Finally, we are introduced to the guests – the cast of “Rich Man, Poor Woman,” with Arashi family member Oguri Shun-san (小栗旬)as the lead actor and Ishihara Satomi-san (石原さとみ) as the lead actress.

Cast of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Sakurai-san notes that he’s seen more of Oguri-san in the past three months than he has his own parents:

We've Been Seeing a Lot of You LatelyWe've Been Seeing a Lot of You Lately 2

Ohno-san gives a hilarious good luck message to the cast of the new drama:

Although it's a pain . . . Ganbare yo!

The “plus one” guests added to the Arashi side were A+ class comedians this time – Degawa Tetsuro-san and Yamasaki Hosei-san:

Degawa and Yamazaki

As with the best of Japanese comedians, they’ll be funny without taking over and without simply doing the same gags over and over. These two have a good record of coming up with humor on-the-fly. Degawa-san in particular has a long history of working with Arashi, on some of the funniest variety show episodes they’ve ever done. So, Aiba-kun is totally excited:

Aiba's Totally Excited 1Aiba's Totally Excited 2

The first game was Korokoro Viking, and Ishihara-san (who was a delight all the way through this episode) expressed some doubts about Oguri-san’s abilities in this game, based on his performance during practice.

Korokoro VikingIshihara SatomiCan Oguri-san Vindicate Himself?

So, will Oguri-san prove himself capable when it comes to doing it for real?

The Arashi team was full of energy at the start of competition, with Degawa-san and Yamasaki-san in the goal-scoring zone:

Arashi Team EnergizedOrange Zone Has No Arashi Members

Ohno-san and Aiba-kun try to figure out how to arrange themselves, as they’re sharing a slot. The eventual arrangement, with Aiba-kun behind Ohno-san, leads Matsumoto-kun to see them as father and son:

Aiba and OhnoAiba and Ohno 2Aiba and Ohno 3Aiba and Ohno 4

This was a great Korokoro Viking round. No matter how many of these you’ve seen, I assure you that you haven’t seen one like this. Even the “Rich Man, Poor Woman” team was in stitches laughing.

Hosei-san Shouting

The next game was Jungle Bingo, with the women of the “Rich Man, Poor Woman” going into the maze first:

Jungle BingoIshihara at the Maze EntranceThe Women Start It Off

The Arashi team is still at full energy . . .

Arashi at Full Energy

. . . so why does Sakurai-san eventually look like this in the maze?

Sakurai Looks Dismissive

And who let Degawa-san have control of a camera!?

Degawa CamDegawa Cam 2

After the game, Aiba-kun is forced to admit a fault (unfairly, in my opinion) . . .

Hai!A Three-Fingered Salute?

. . . giving a chance for Degawa-san to take him to task.

Degawa Takes Aiba to Task 1Degawa Takes Aiba to Task 2Degawa Takes Aiba to Task 3Degawa Takes Aiba to Task 4

Moving right along, Kicking Sniper was next, with Ishihara-san professing confidence even though she’s never played soccer because of comments from the staff.

Kicking SniperShe Has ConfidenceEmphatically Never Played Soccer

Meanwhile, Matsumoto-kun reveals that Oguri-san played soccer that morning to warm up:

He Played Soccer That Morning

Up for Arashi were Degawa-san, Nino-kun, and Ohno-san. Finally, someone points out Nino-kun’s heart pajama outfit:

Valentine's Day Pajamas 1Valentine's Day Pajamas 2

Nino-kun has really been successful at making his outfits a point of entertainment the past year or so. I don’t know whether it’ll help in this game, though.

Rolling Coin Tower was next, and it was probably the slowest part of the show (as it usually is).

Rolling Coin Tower

On to the last game, the always exciting Dual Curling. We had the three-on-three match first, with Sakurai-san, Degawa-san, and Aiba-kun facing off against Maruyama-san, Nomura-san, and Aibu-san. Only at this point do we find out that this is Nomura-san’s first variety show appearance.

Dual Curling 1Dual Curling 2Nomura's First Variety Show

Then Sakurai-san had a bit of fun at Aibu-san expense when she openly discussed strategy with her teammates:

Thanks for the Info!Eh?Ah . . .

This was another fun game. But why is Degawa-san flopping on the ground all over the place?

Degawa Flopping AroundDegawa Flopping Around 2

The finale was a one-on-one match between good friends Matsumoto Jun-kun and Oguri Shun-san. Sakurai-san asks when they last met outside of work, and they figure it was about five days ago.

MatsuJunOguri StretchesThursday of Last Week

This leads Ohno-san to make a comment in a tone that suggests jealousy (ジェラシ).


They raised the stakes, replacing the 50 point center piece with a 100 point slot:

100 Point Bullseye

So, how did it turn out? Well, no matter who won, it was a very entertaining episode. I have to say, though, that after Korokoro Viking, Yamasaki-san was largely out of the picture. The Arashi members, though, all had their moments. I think this time, though, the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi was Ohno-san, for his one-liners that never failed to draw a laugh.