This week on HamaKisu (濱キス), Kis-My-Ft2 member Miyata Toshiya-kun continues in his challenge to live off of less money in a week than Tamamori-kun. For the past month on Hamaguchi Masaru’s main variety show, Ikinari Ougon Densetsu, Tamamori-kun has been trying to live off of 10000 yen for a month, with onion-related results. Miyata-kun is bringing a taste of that challenge home to this show.

Miyata Toshiya

After the third day, here’s how we stand:

By the Third Day 1

There’s sort of build-in unfairness here, though. After all, Tamamori-kun still has supplies left over from the previous three weeks, while Miyata-kun had to start from scratch. Tamamori-kun might have already purchased enough food for the entire week ahead of time (for instance, the next graphic shows that he had 26 onions left over – surely that’s enough onions, right?). In other words, if Miyata-kun even comes close to winning this, it’ll be totally against the odds.

By the Third Day 2

At least Miyata-kun knows where the camera is. In the following shot, he promises to make a cheaper and tastier bento than Tamamori-kun can. I don’t know about cheaper, but if he leaves out most of the onion, it’s got to be tastier.

Miyata Vows to Make a Better Bento

We actually get to hear Tamamori-kun talking about the bento he’s preparing for the Hokkaido trip, and get a load of the onions he’s planning to use:

Tamamori Prepares for HokkaidoToo Many Bloody Onions

Oh, come on! It’s death by onions! I’m not a big daikon fan (you have to steam and fry the crap out of it before I’ll take a bite – the Chinese daikon cake you get at dim sum, only fried even more than that and with pork bits in), but I’d take Miyata-kun’s daikon over those onions any day.

Miyata's Daikon

He plans to make it like Hamaguchi-can taught him. What he actually makes is left as a surprise, though, and before we see him really start cooking, the image cuts to him leaving:

Bento SurpriseMiyata Leaving

And then we get to see Tamamori-kun in the midst of onion insanity:

Onion Insanity

I have no words to describe how worried I am about him. Anyway, on to the main event in Hokkaido, where fans eagerly line up to purchase goods at the venue.

The VenueThe Fans

Tamamori-kun walks into the backstage area armed.

Tamamori ArmedTamamori Dangerous

And, if you read the article on Tamamori’s Challenge – Part 1, or saw the Ikinari Ougon Densetsu episodes, I think you can guess what it is:

Onion Tower 1Onion Tower 2Onion Tower 3

Yes, the least creative use of onions in a bento ever – a truly frightening onion ring tower. I think the other Kis-My-Ft2 members are afraid for him as well, but are too busy laughing or in a state of shock.

Shock 1Shock 2Kis-My-Ft2 React

Because Miyata-kun is competing with Tamamori-kun secretly, he doesn’t get to show off his own bento, and eats alone.

Miyata Eats Alone

Which saves him from having to explain himself, though Tamamori-kun seems to handle explanations much better than he handles cooking.

Tamamori Explains 1Tamamori Explains 2

In a later private eating session, Miyata has a meal that costs him little more than thirty cents (24 yen).

Miyata Eats Alone 224 Yen Meal

Time for the concert:

Concert 1Concert 2Concert 3Concert 4

The next day, Miyata-kun looks energetic, and wakes up before Tamamori-kun. His plan is to make tofu.

Start of Day FiveThe Tofu Plan

Thanks to his instant ramen, his tofu ramen bento manages to hit an amazingly low cost of 21 yen (about 25 cents), which brings up a key point – if you’re on a tight budget, instant ramen is definitely key. How is it that a clever fellow like Tamamori-kun didn’t see that immediately? Does he not like noodles (unthinkable!) or was he simply blinded by the thought of onions?

21 Yen Tofu Bento

That day, they were out for a HamaKisu zoo location shoot (I presume we’ll be seeing that episode later in the month). In the bus, Tamamori-kun spreads his onion madness, getting the other members to eat from his tower.

Tamamori, Onion Pusher

Tamamori-kun insists that Miyata should have a taste, but Miyata-kun quietly drops the onion ring he was forced to take onto Nikaido-kun’s box.

Miyata and the OnionMiyata and the Onion 2Miyata and the Onion 3Miyata and the Onion 4

At a new location, and without Tamamori-kun, Hamaguchi-san announces that the rest of the group will be catching and eating crayfish, and he recalls how he captured and ate them during his 10000 yen for a month challenge:

Hamaguchi's Crayfish 1Hamaguchi's Crayfish 2Hamaguchi's Crayfish 3

Hmm, I wonder where Tamamori-kun got his lazy en-masse cooking style from? Anyway, the crayfish hunting goes well . . .

Crayfish Hunting 1Crayfish Hunting 2Crayfish Hunting 3

. . . but then Hamaguchi-san hears a bullfrog and, of course, decides that Miyata-kun should add frog to his menu. Here’s Miyata-kun’s reaction after seeing how big the bullfrog was:


And Nikaido-kun:

Nikaido Repulsed

I think everybody will gladly leave the frog to Miyata-kun:

The BullfrogThe Bullfrog 2

It’s a good leg-up considering how expensive meat is, but . . . I’d be content to stick to instant ramen for a week, myself. Then again, that’s one of many reasons why I’ll never be asked to do a variety show like this. Miyata-kun cuts up the frog and skins it on the spot, but we’re spared the gory details – the camera stays fixed on the faces of the Kis-My-Ft2 members as they watch, horrified.

Miyata Working on the FrogThe Others Watch 1The Others Watch 2The Others Watch 3The Others Watch 4

Meanwhile, Tamamori-kun is back at home cooking . . . well, something to do with onions, for sure.

Tamamori CookingThose Are Onions, Aren't They?

It’s day six now and Miyata-kun, watching the Tamamori Cam intently, is delighted to see his competition return home with groceries.

Miyata Sees Tamamori Come Home With Groceries

The finale to this episode is Miyata-kun preparing his frog and crayfish. Watch to find out how it turns out!

So, I guess we’ll get the wrap-up next week. Who do you think will win?