In the previous episode of HamaKisu (濱キス), Kis-My-Ft2‘s Miyata Toshiya-kun took on the same challenge as fellow member Tamamori Yuta-kun was tackling on Ikinari Ougon Densetsu – to live for a month on just 10000 yen (roughly $125). Rent was paid for, but everything else, including utilities and food, are not.

The Challenge

Miyata-kun is actually only doing it for a week – the last week of Tamamori-kun’s month, and his goal is to end up with more money left over than Tamamori has.

Tamamori-kunTamamori v Miyata

Comparison after Day One

I think it’s good that he’s only doing it for a week, because otherwise it would dominate too many episodes. Last week’s episode only covered day one, so yeah, a week’s enough.

When we last left Miyata-kun, he was talking to the camera at the start of day two, completely unaware that an intruder was sneaking up on him:

Early Morning Perils 1Early Morning Perils 2Oriental Radio's NakataEarly Morning Perils 3

Watch to find out how that turns out. The guy creeping up on Miyata-kun is Oriental Radio‘s Nakata Atsuhiko (中田敦彦). Nakata-san is here to help Miyata-kun as someone who has taken on this same challenge before. We get a little meter in the corner to show us how conditioned Miyata-kun becomes to the Nakata creed of how to survive the week.

Nakata Creed Meter

First, Nakata-san decides that Miyata-kun needs a bath . . . or maybe needs to be toughened up . . . or maybe needs some divine intervention, I can’t tell.

The Stoic Way 1The Stoic Way 2

Has Miyata-kun been converted?

The Stoic Way 3

Looks like about 60% converted . . .

60% Converted

But after an inspirational word from Nakata-san, this pops to 80%:

80% Converted

To complete the conversion, Miyata-kun is going to have to make salt – you know, from the sea.

Making Salt 1Making Salt 2Miyata's SaltMiyata's Salt 2

And Miyata-kun hits 100% on the Nakata Meter. But it’s a bit . . . useless to make salt, isn’t it? I mean, how much does salt cost, exactly? You don’t exactly use it in large quantities, either. I think Hamaguchi-san agreed with me when he saw what Miyata-kun was up to on day 3:


Hamaguchi-san says that, far from being stoic, Nakata-san regularly ate overpriced meat stuff, and instantly Miyata-kun’s confidence in Nakata went down to zero:

That guy ate 500 yen nikuman all the timeDown to Zero

Hamaguchi-san doesn’t just leave Miyata-kun deflated, though. Seeing that Miyata-kun had daikon in his refrigerator, he proposes they make something better than a pile of salt. They chopped up the daikon and steamed it in the rice cooker:

Daikon 1Daikon 2

The Result:

Daikon Rice 1Daikon Rice 2

And they eat it in full view of the camera, in proper variety show form:

Miyata EatsHamaguchi Eats

But that’s not all. Hamaguchi-san wants to make sure Miyata-kun is well-fed with plenty of tasty food. For that, salt is insufficient – they’re going to need honey:

Getting Honey 1Clearing off the BeesInto the Press

And it looks like Miyata-kun likes the result:

Taste TestHoney in TupperwareGet!

Well, he’s got sweet and salty down. I think it’s safe to skip bitter, so maybe he needs to go after chillies next (or grab a ton of onions like Tamamori-kun did).

The preview for the next episode suggested that we’ll be seeing the rest of Kis-My-Ft2 in it, though if it’s just another episode of Miyata-kun’s week, I’d be satisfied. There are plenty of possibilities left, just on the cooking front.

I think I’ve got all the Ikinari Ougon Densetsu episodes covering Tamamori-kun’s one month challenge, so now I just need a chance to watch all of it (three one-hour episodes and one three-hour special).