Going into this week, I was hoping that Maeda Atsuko-san (前田敦子) would be able to keep Exile from the top spot this week – not because I like Maeda-san so much, but I really, really despise Exile. Well, no such luck. Exile took number one with “All Night Long” selling 206,090 – a number that’s hard to get context on, since Exile’s fans are an album-buying demographic.

Maeda Atsuko’s “Kimi wa Boku da” (君は僕だ) sold 136,212 at #2. That’s very good for a solo effort, but considering Maeda Atsuko-san’s high profile, I was actually expecting a number north of 150,000.

Kanjani8 held on at #4 with “Aideshita” selling 24,594 for a 286,638 two-week total.

Arashi took #6 with sales of “Your Eyes” now totaling 534,030. “Face Down” also stayed in the top 30, hanging on at #28 with a total count of 608,435.

AKB48’s “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” came in at #13, adding 6,612 to 1,790,786 for a grand total of 1,797,398.

SKE48’s “Aishite Raburu!” remained closely behind, taking #16 for a total of 554,164.

Rounding out the ???48 family, we have the subgroup Not Yet’s “Suika Baby” coming in at #27, sending out another 2,853 this week and a total of 162,342.

On the album side, NEWS’s “NEWS Best” dropped to #11, selling 9,966, netting a total of 119,138 over two weeks.

Hey! Say! Jump’s “Jump World” held on at #23, managing 4,398 more for a total of 142,987.

We’ll be getting KAT-TUN’s “To the Limit” next week to round out Johnny’s June.