Kodomo Keisatsu (コドモ警察) is a half-hour drama centered on cops who are turned into kids by a chemical, but who continue about their daily business anyway, fighting the all-pervasive evil organization “Red Venus.” So far, the kiddie squad has mainly been on the defensive, reacting to the plots Red Venus set up. This time, though, they begin on a stake out observing one of the main Red Venus agents:

Red Venus AgentOn Stakeout

What followed were a lot of scenes in which the kids were a lot more amusing than they have been in the series so far. It all starts with the lead detective (Suzuki Fuku) trying to write a memo and unconsciously filling a page with doodles:

Suzuki FukuDoodling

As we found out in an earlier episode, their transformation into children has also had some effect on their minds, and here even the venerable lead detective is affected. The squad is distraught:

The Squad

I think there’s a push to try to bust Red Venus and try to force the felons to reverse the transformation, which is why this little fellow decides to try to confront the Red Venus agent on his own:

Confrontation 1Confrontation 2Confrontation 3

Something about a kid picking a fight with someone twice his size always seems inherently funny, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just me. Meanwhile, the head hanchou (Marius Yo) walks in and handles the briefing, as usual:

Marius Yo 1Marius Yo 2

And Suzuki-kun looks amused at the newbie’s response:

Suzuki Amused

He’s in such a good mood, in fact, that he goes out for a drink and a song after work:

Drink After WorkSuzuki-kun with a mic

The kid who decided to take on the bad guy on his own’s in a bit of trouble, though:

In Bad Shape 1In Bad Shape 2

Naturally, his cohorts search for him:

Search for the Wild-Haired Kid

And we also get a back-office scene between the hanchou and what I presume are some higher-ups. Without either Japanese or English subtitles, though, I couldn’t figure out what was going on here:

Hanchou in the Conference Room 1Hanchou in the Conference Room 2

As the search process continues, the hothead of the kiddie squad almost penetrates the enemy lair himself, but gets tossed out into the street (and if the look he gives the bad guy doesn’t strike you as adorably cheeky, I don’t know what will). In the street, he finds a clue that confirms that his comrade is inside.

A Dangerous Look 1A Dangerous Look 2Out in the StreetA Clue

I had to laugh when I saw the tissue in his nose in the next scene:

Standard Nosebleed Form

Knowing where their comrade is, and having that as sufficient pretext to arrest the bad guys, the nosebleed kid takes point and secures his friend while the others prepare to pounce:

Fighting Back 1Fighting Back 2

And then Suzuki-kun makes his dramatic entrance:

Suzuki's Entrance 1Suzuki's Entrance 2

That’s got to put a smile on your face. Anyway, the rest turns out exactly as you might imagine. This series hasn’t exactly been a fountain of surprises. You might also notice that I left out the annoying scenes that occur in every episode. That’s not because they didn’t happen, but because I can’t take them anymore, and I skipped over them. If they had done the same thing in the first place, I’d be even happier with the series.

What can I say? It’s not a very good drama, but it puts a smile on my face. It could be worse.