Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) is an hour-long variety show featuring Arashi and famous male guests from a range of backgrounds who share their expertise with the five hosts. Normally, there’s just one guest, and that guest is typically associated with the entertainment world. This, however, is an “Encounter the Unknown” special. Each member of Arashi will encounter a different guest and perform an assigned task.

The Guests

I like this kind of special because it has what I’m always looking for in a variety show: variety. There has to be a unifying theme, though, and in this case all the guests are considered very stylish and popular.

The Arashi walks in wearing sedate suits, and the first order of business is to toss an “お疲れ様でした” (o-tsukaresama deshita – you’ve worked hard/thank you for your hard work) Aiba-kun’s way because of the end of Mikeneko Holmes.

Arashi EnterO-tsukaresama deshita

Then the announcer introduced the comedians who would help to present the episode – the duo おぎやはぎ (Ogiyahagi), who are titled the number one stylish entertainers (by the graphic). I think Yahagi-san (the one in the lime green jacket) is considered the stylish one and Ogi-san is just along for the ride. We last saw them only two days ago on VS Arashi as part of the jinrikisha team, so I guess it’s their busy season.


First up to “encounter the unknown” was Sakurai-san, and my reaction to his guest was the same as his – what a wonderfully deep voice the guy had:

Sakurai EntersChris PepplerGood Voice

Unsurprisingly, we find out the guy’s a DJ named Chris Peppler (クリス ペプラー), popular for his voice. His job is to introduce Sakurai-san to frozen daikiri (フローズン ダイキリ), which was apparently a Hemingway favorite. Well, I think he was successful:

Drinking Frozen Daikiri

Sakurai-san even likes the music that goes along with the drink:

Moving to the Music

A Google map zoom later . . .

Google Map

. . . Sakurai-san finds himself reading Hemingway (it must be better in Japanese translation, because I’ve always found him over-rated in English).


Sakurai-san is pleased with his performance:

Sakurai Pleased

Next up was Aiba-kun. Well, at first glance we know his guest is stylish, because there’s no chance anyone would wear something like that otherwise:

Aiba's Guest

I’ve never thought of my waist as a border between realities, but apparently that’s commonplace in the world of fashion design. Upper half – early twentieth century film director; lower half – school boy. What’s with that?

Anyway, he’s famous enough to get away with it. When he mentions he’s fashion designer Kikuchi Takeo (菊池武夫) you can hear the “oh!”s from the guys watching the VTR.

Kikuchi Takeo

And the “ah!” from Aiba-kun:

Aiba's Ah!

The subject is, appropriately, party fashion. Aiba, though, can’t help but ask Kikuchi-san’s age:

Oikutsu?Nana-juu san saiSou Desu Ka!

The first requirement for summer party fashion? You guessed it: shorts (短パン – tanpan).


The second – a three-piece suit:


While I wouldn’t be caught dead dressed like that, I think it’ll definitely suit Aiba-kun. In fact, doesn’t Aiba-kun pull off this look all the time already? I’ll leave what outfit he ultimately picks out as a surprise – Mannequin Five style. Let me just say that I agree with the number of points Kikuchi-san ultimately gave Aiba-kun, though my reasons didn’t completely match up with his.

Aiba's Reveal

After Aiba-kun revealed his outfit, it was Ohno-san’s turn, and it sounded like the guest this time, Yamada Goro-san (山田五郎) was instantly recognizable.

Yamada Goro

He’s a fine art specialist, and has to teach Ohno-san how to enjoy a museum.

Yamada Goro at Work

Again, I think this should be right up Ohno-san’s alley, since he’s an artist. Granted, his style might be different from that of the particular exhibit, but the gap is a stone’s throw compared to, say, if you tried to drag me to a museum.

Yamada-san knows that Ohno’s an artist, but Ohno confirms that he doesn’t frequent museums (that would be wasting good fishing time, right?).

I don't often go

Here are the five artists Ohno-san has to cover: (in order, Titian, Rubens, Boucher, Monet, and Matisse)

Five Artist Assignment

So, Ohno-san heads to Roppongi (六本木) dressed in what he considers a manner appropriate to art appreciation:

Ohno at the Museum 1Ohno at the Museum 2

Ohno also picked his favorite painting, which wasn’t a work by one of the required artists. I prefer his choice to the other five paintings featured myself.

We get to see what Ninomiya-kun was up to next, and we get thrown a bit of a curveball.

Whoa! Not Much Space to Sit Down.

Nino-kun looks lost:

Nino Looks Lost

The DJ introduces himself as Tei Touwa (テイ トウワ) and at this point, Nino’s got to be wondering whether he’s going to have to be a DJ or something.

Nino Feels Like He's In Trouble

So, when he finds out that this encounter’s going to be about sunglasses, he gives and epic “eh!” and gets totally thrown off.

Give Me a Break! 1Give Me a Break! 2

Ninomiya-kun doesn’t strike me as the sunglasses type, and his confused look during the discussion sort of bears that out.

In the same vein as Aiba’s location shoot, I’ll treat the sunglasses selection process as a spoiler. I liked his choices, though – they definitely suited him.

Last but not least, Matsumoto-kun was up, and boy did he have a confusing intro to his guest, who played an instrument that either sounds irritating or sounds like a saxophone, depending on which note is played and how.

Matsumoto Steps InMysterious Musician

No surprise – it’s a traditional instrument.

Really Traditional

But no, Matsumoto-kun is not going to have to learn how to play it (not very stylish, is it?). Instead, he has to tackle Thai cooking. In particular, gapao rice, which is apparently popular with women all around the world.

Thai Cooking's Popular with WomenGapao Rice . . .. . . is Popular with Women Around the World

The way the guest handles a butcher knife makes Matsumoto-kun step back, but the guy says it’s manly (even though the bits of meat seem to be flying off the chopping board and all the other ingredients are bouncing).

Serious Butchery 1It's Manly!

So, for the grand finale, Matsumoto-kun cooks, pounding with the butcher knife just like he was told to:

Matsumoto Cooks

And so it ended. In my opinion, the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi was Ninomiya-kun, for his reaction to Tei Touwa and some of the sunglasses he tried on.