This episode begins exactly as we expected it would after episode four – with Yasuda Shota-kun insisting that Nishikido-kun should come clean about his marriage. So now, Nishikido-kun not only has to gain acceptance from his new children and find a way to convince his cold-hearted boss that he should stay an idol, but he also has to worry about the group members who have been his comrades for much of his life.

Yasuda ShotaNishikido and Yasuda

First, he has to tell the rest of Kanjani8 about his marriage. Even though he’s had a long time to prepare, the moment isn’t any easier:

Telling Kanjani8 1Telling Kanjani8 3Telling Kanjani8 2

How will the members take it? It’s a bit weird to have to dance around a spoiler before we’re five minutes in, but this is a proper surprise, so if you don’t mind, I’ll tip-toe around it. In any case, there isn’t really a simple answer. As usual, though, Nishikido-kun (the character) seems oblivious to the subtleties of the situation at every turn and the possibility that people won’t necessarily be honest about how they feel.


Meanwhile, we find that the eldest daughter Mei (Kawashima Umika) is rapidly progressing in her relationship with her idol-like classmate.

Mei and her boyfriend

It seems like this episode will mostly revolve around Nishikido-kun and Kanjani8, but when Nishikido is summoned to Osaka, he decides to bring the rest of the family along. I guess he doesn’t want to risk breaking the fragile bonds he’s already forged.

Ryo and the familyProposing the Trip

In the end, Mei has to be talked into the trip, but she ultimately agrees.

Mei Relents

Arriving in Osaka, we find that the youngest daughter, Kana (Tani Kanon), is as precocious as ever, shouting out in a crowded plaza that she’s a Tokyo model bishoujo (美少女 – beautiful girl) elementary school student who has finally come to the west. Adorable, isn’t she? Her brother’s a bit concerned about attracting unwanted attention, though.

Yuto and Kana

Well, none of the girls in the plaza were paying any attention, because they were all flocking around you-know-who, who was following a discreet distance behind the rest of his family.

Nishikido SurroundedNishikido Surrounded 2

But what does Nishikido’s agency have in mind for this Osaka trip? What is Kanjani8’s ice-cold boss telling the rest of the group, now that they all know about marriage?

The Boss Talks to the GroupUltimatum

This is the first episode in which we really had the camera focused on the other Kanjani8 members, and there’s a lot that goes on between them when Nishikido-kun is not around. That was interesting to watch, since they all establish their personalities very quickly.


Beyond that, though, it was a tough episode. Nishikido-kun seemed to have fun while he was with his family, though Mei was stand-offish. All the scenes involving the Kanjani8 were tense and unpleasant because Nishikido’s approach to the situation was inconsistent with his character and goals so far.

Nishikido Doing a Radio Show

Ryo’s wife Haruka (played by Yuka) doesn’t like the way her husband is acting either.

Haruka Looks Unhappy

What will come of it? A very uneven hour. The way the episode ended made some sense, but how we got there didn’t. It also all felt very rushed. Count me as a bit frustrated over this one.