In the previous episode of Kodomo Keisatsu (コドモ警察), the kiddie squad had to clear their only non-kiddie member – the newbie (played by Katsuji Ryo) and we got the first signs of personality from the hanchou (the team leader played by Marius Yo). That was refreshing, because we hadn’t seen any increased depth to any character since the first episode, and Marius’ character sorely needed it.

This episode begins with the newbie pacing the office unsettled, which soon leads to him swooning about an idol he’s a fan of, much to the contempt of his coworkers,

Newbie Pacing ImpatientlyNewbie Declares His Feelings

As well as the irritation of the lead detective (dekachou),

Suzuki-kun is not amused

Which leads to summary punishment:

Summary Punishment

It turns out that today’s case is centered on the idol, Makihara Rino (a minor play on the actress/AKB idol’s real name – Sashihara Rino), and the newbie had trouble giving the hanchou space during the briefing:

HanchouToo closePush AwayIcy Look

So, Marius-kun’s character continues to act less robotic than he did in the first few episodes. After a minimum of sentences, he leaves and the idol who is the target of Red Venus – the kiddie squad’s nemesis – enters.

Sashihara Rino EntersSashihara Rino Intro 1Newbie's Response

What follows is quite an obnoxious introduction. I have to say that, after the way she introduces herself, you half want the bad guys to do something horrible to her. Well, not too horrible – we want them to save the really nasty stuff for these two individuals:

The Annoying Pair

Anyway, the cops don’t just have to look out for Red Venus, but in protecting the idol, they also have to deal with crazed fans:

Protecting RinoProtecting Rino 2Protecting Rino 3

They were so busy with that, they almost let her get shot:

Protecting Rino 4

Then there are the unknown hazards of the variety show staple – the reaction box:

The Reaction BoxHands Go InThe Cops Sense Danger and Interrupt

This was sort of contrived, though, since usually the item in the box that the victim is reaching into is visible to the audience, and not covered up like that. As it is, though, the detectives have to step in to make sure it’s safe.

Will they manage to keep her alive, or will they simply be able to apprehend the killer after he or she succeeds?

The episode moved at a decent pace this time, despite the fact that we still got the two stock scenes (the scene with the two annoying individuals and the one where Suzuki-kun’s character talks to Michiko Kichise-san’s character on the roof). There was some running around and at least two minor fight scenes.

To a large extent, it was Katsuji Ryo-kun’s acting that carried the day and generated what humor there was. This was probably not Sashihara Rino-chan’s best drama role by a long shot.

The result of the case was not at all satisfying, so even though the pace was okay and I appreciate Katsuji-kun’s effort, nothing can really salvage a weak ending.