This episode of Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋) begins with only the second time that Enomoto (Ohno Satoshi) asks Serizawa (Sato Koichi) for a return favor. This time, he asks Serizawa to act as legal consultant for a trading company his security firm does business with.

Enomoto Calls For Help

It quickly becomes apparent to Serizawa that this trading company might have the wrong kind of connections . . .

Office Decor 1Office Decor 2Uncomfortable

The viewer is left in no doubt what kind of connections as the gangster/yakuza leitmotif is played in the background when the company president walks in to meet with Serizawa.

Is this firm legit?

And when Serizawa brings his suspicions up to Enomoto, a bad sign walks past:

Aikawa Sho Walks BySerizawa Stunned

It’s Aikawa Sho-san! This place has to be up to no good! Aikawa Sho-san is playing Nonogaki, the trading company director. Of course, it takes mere seconds for Enomoto to mention that the vice president of the company was recently murdered and voila! We have a case.

Death in the Office

The current suspect is a pathetic fellow who claims he was napping on the couch when he was woken up by the gunshot, headed for the vice president’s office, and found the man dead.

Prime Suspect

Aoto (Toda Erika) interrupts the proceedings to tell Serizawa that the company president would like to speak to him – alone. With him away, Aoto asks Enomoto directly whether the company is yakuza or not.

You Know, the People Who Do the Finger Thing

While, the company president makes Serizawa feel extremely uncomfortable . . .

Even More Uncomfortable

. . . Aoto and Enomoto discover that the main suspect has a cute daughter, and is so hapless that he forgot his wallet and she came all the way to bring it to him. The daughter quickly proves herself to be delightfully clever – finding out that Aoto is a lawyer, she asks for Aoto’s business card in case her father gets into trouble. She also has some interesting words for Enomoto:

You're my type

Unfortunately, there’s another death in the office, and this time, it was Enomoto himself who put some of the security in. We saw Aikawa Sho-san – I mean, Nonogaki – speaking with the victim last, but he was in the car park downstairs when the shot was heard, and since the gun was in the victim’s hand, he could hardly have set up the scene. However, there can be no doubt that Enomoto will rule it a locked room – he had to come over to open it himself after the gunshot was heard.

Enomoto Opens It

Serizawa says he has no interest in the case, but in walks a client he can’t refuse:

Aren't You Interested?The DaughterSerizawa Messes Up

While Enomoto has no doubt that it was murder, Aikawa . . . I mean Nonogaki . . . insists it was a suicide. But then, he accuses the guy tasked by the company president to answer all their questions and help with the investigation. Very suspicious, isn’t he? Anyway, Enomoto and Aoto find themselves in the middle of a gangster squabble.

Aikawa Points The FingerA Dangerous Position

We discover that the door was locked by the victim from the inside. It’s getting harder and harder to see how the murder was committed, which is frustrating because we’ve got an office filled with people who act like they could commit murder at the drop of  a cigarette. Serizawa suggests that someone hypnotized the victim:

He saw it in an American drama

But Aoto points out that making a person commit suicide by hypnosis is next to impossible. Serizawa is unfazed, though, and quickly comes up with a much more likely insight – that the victim knew something about the murder of the vice president.

A Better Suggestion

Aoto decides to ask the victim’s daughter whether her father said anything about the first death, and she said that someone else had asked the same question recently:

Guess Who

It’s not looking good for Nonogaki, is it? Worse, our young client remembers her father saying that he saw Nonogaki’s car drive away after the first murder, and saying so directly to Nonogaki.

I saw the car

In other news, Serizawa finds himself being tailed:

Serizawa Tailed

His attempt to scamper away is one of the funniest sequences of the series. But why was that guy chasing him?

Serizawa Running Away

At this point, we’re pretty deep into the episode, but the flow of clues is a bit . . . lacking. It’s been a fun episode so far, but it doesn’t feel as intricate as recent episodes. And one suspect seems to jump out at us at every turn – even in Enomoto’s office:

Invading the SanctuaryLawyer v Gangster

But it’s so frustrating, because we’re half an hour into the episode, and we haven’t gotten even a fraction of the information we need to put the guy away. And yet suddenly, with just a few more hints from the victim’s daughter, Enomoto starts to do his thing:

Enomoto Figuring It Out

Unbelievable. Well, if you manage to guess how it was done by the time he starts to do this, you should start a detective agency. The solution was both clever and silly at the same time, and even though I have a tough time with one aspect of it, it was satisfying. We know the motive for the second murder already, and it’s perfectly reasonable. As for the murder of the vice president, we got an excellent motive for that one as well. Did we get all the clues ahead of time? Just barely except for the bit about the first murder’s motive. So, the mystery checklist is all good.

The series has held up without a weak episode, and the next episode is the finale, which the teaser promised would be the toughest case yet.

Enomoto's Ready