When we last left Kis-My-Ft2, they were trying their best to survive in the forest without losing weight. Both teams have been forced to eat the delightfully nasty food Hamaguchi-san left for them – a snake for the blue team and tiny frogs for the red team – and both have been hunting for bamboo shoots (takenoko). Only one team, though, has been successful with the takenoko search.

Blue Team's TakenokoBlue Team's Takenoko 2Cooking Bamboo Shoots 1

I’m not a big bamboo shoot fan, but it sure beats starving or frogs or snakes, so we can appreciate the blue team’s excitement. And really, with some soy sauce, cooking, and the wasabi, it doesn’t look bad at all:

Cooking Bamboo Shoots 2Cooking Bamboo Shoots 3

How about with miso soup:

Miso Soup

Must remember to carry soy sauce and miso paste with me just in case I get lost in the woods (oh, and a chopping board, a pot, and spatula . . . ). I didn’t mention the chopsticks, because it really is a good idea to carry your own set – eco-friendly since it saves people from chopping down trees to make the disposable chopsticks – but I digress.

Enjoying the Food in Civilized Style

Full of food now, the blue team looks for something else to hunt for in their “last spurt.”

Looking for Something Else to Find

Back to the red team, they have a pretty full slate of achievement:

Red Team's Findings

But they have amazingly not gotten any bamboo shoots. Kitayama-kun has his plant guide in hand as he checks all the greenery to see if there’s anything edible to add to their score. He finds moriazami, which is apparently part of the thistle family and its root is similar to burdock.


Even though I cook, I tend to be carnivorous, so this is all new to me. Well, the guys seem to like it:

Enjoying the New Find

Then Hamaguchi-san spoils their fun by telling them that the blue team found bamboo shoots:

They Got TakenokoEh!?

Both teams sense that it’s close and try their best in the last phase of the game, but sometimes, when you dig into the ground for food, you find things that make you lose your appetite:

Digging for RootsFinding the Unpleasant

What will they do with it? Well, since that’s not really something that’ll encourage you to watch the show, let me just tell you: they put it in Nikaido-kun’s pocket.

Anyway, it’s clearly time to wrap it up, so everyone gathers around the scale:

Final Verdict Time

I was really hoping that they would give us the individual before-and-after weights, but they did the next best thing, which was to give us the weight differences in grams. Japanese shows are usually forthcoming with numbers.

The diets of the two groups couldn’t have been more different. As the graphics showed, the red team had lots of water, greens, and frogs:

Red Team Diet

Meanwhile, the blue team had mamushi (pit viper), fish, and bamboo shoots (with emphasis on the bamboo shoots):

Blue Team Diet

The winner? I really will have to keep that a surprise. To be fair, though, the differences were fairly minor – within the weight of a water bottle, so both teams did a good job. On the other hand, we generally lose over a pound of weight overnight, so only two of the members managed to eat enough. Tough thing, surviving in the wild.

Just then, when one team was all proud of themselves and glorying in their victory, Hamaguchi-san tossed them a curveball. What could have possibly made all of them suddenly look so horror-stricken?

Pained Face 1Pained Face 2

Here’s a hint:


That’s right! They failed on that bowling thing, remember? Well, actually, they failed on the toughest bowling split of them all – the 7-10 split – after a thousand tries, but a failure’s a failure and that means they have to seek “revenge,” which is the Japanese way of saying a rematch. So, four hours after the survival ordeal, they find themselves in the bowling alley:

Entering the Bowling AlleySchedule of the Day So Far

Geez, is it a wonder that we didn’t get Kis-My-Ft2 in Shounen Club this month? The 1047 tries they had from last time are still up on the board, so they’re picking up from where they left off.

How did they do? I’ve got to leave that for your enjoyment. Don’t expect them to get it right off the bat, of course. I especially liked Tamamori-kun’s first try – it was quite dynamic.

Where's This Ball Going?

There’s also a great moment when, after such a long day already, Hamaguchi-san reminds Fujigaya-san of an early morning drama shoot (or is it a photoshoot for a drama, I’m not sure) he has to attend:

You've Got a Drama Appointment Next

Can Fujigaya-kun pull off a victory before he has to leave?

Well, this was a beautiful episode, in that so much happened in it. They didn’t try to stretch out the survival segment and keep the bowling bit for next week or anything like that. What that tells me is that they’ve got a lot of stuff to do planned, and they don’t need to fill time – really good news. This episode also highlighted Kis-My-Ft2’s persistence in the face of adversity.

The teaser showed a Tamamori-kun vs. Miyata-kun one-on-one competition of some sort. Should be fun!