Somehow, I missed Arashi in last week’s rankings. Well, I can set that to rights immediately by saying their new single “Your Eyes” sold 477,820 in its first week, easily taking #1. It’s a bit disappointing since it’s under 500,000, but since they released “Face Down” only a month ago, I think it was an over-saturation issue. There’s also the interesting problem that the titles are morphologically similar (they both contain two words with four letters each). “Face Down” held the number ten spot this week, selling 7,501 for a running total of 601,467.

The number two spot was taken by the surprisingly strong “Beautiful” from Korean group 2PM, going gold right away with 141,236 sold. That’s a formidable number.

The number one album this week was, of course, Hey! Say! Jump’s “Jump World”, with 126,578 sold. If the normal trajectories hold, it will probably fall short of the first album’s 187,621 (that number according to Wikipedia), but it could be close. In any case, it’s not a bad number for the first week.

In somewhat related news, NYC’s “Haina!” held#17 this week, selling 4,430 for a total of 110,480. So, we’re beyond “Wonderful Cupid” (thankfully) and well on our way to passing “Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe.”

Well, I saved the ???48 family for last this time. AKB48’s “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” came in fourth, after Mizuki Nana‘s “Time Space EP”, selling 35,550 for a grand total of 1,780,949, which is a number that Johnny Kitagawa-san can only dream of. Right behind them at #5 was NMB48’s “Nagiichi”, adding 23,279 for a total or 433,421.

Not Yet‘s “Suika Baby” came in right after that, selling 16,833 at #6, giving them a two-week total of 152,346. Finally, SKE48 seems to be burning out, because their “Aishite Raburu!” fell to number 14, giving it a total of 544,000.

I’m crossing my fingers that, despite how close “Your Eyes” was to “Face Down”, the new Arashi single will still be able to surpass the SKE48 numbers. Otherwise, we might soon have two ???48 family groups dominating the year-end top ten, and I prefer at least a minimum of diversity.