Arashi ni Shiyagare (嵐にしやがれ) is an hour-long variety show featuring Arashi and famous male guests from a range of backgrounds who share their expertise with the five hosts. This week, though, the guest is someone from the same background as Arashi – fellow Johnny’s agency talent Higashiyama Noriyuki (東山紀之). Higashiyama-san is part of the idol group Shounentai, which had its heyday in the late 80s though its members continue to be active. He’s around fifteen years senior to Arashi, so even when they started in the industry, he was the object of veneration – Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect - Higashiyama

Arashi’s reactions as he enters (keeping in mind that they don’t know who the guest is beforehand on this show):

MatsuJun ReactionAiba's ReactionSakurai's Reaction

This is his second time on this show, and he might be the first main guest to do that. When they pointed that out to him, he asked whether they were glad to see him, or whether it was bad for him to come on again so soon. Aiba-kun was way too quick to say he was glad, leading Higashiyama-san to suspect him:

Doesn't Aiba look Earnest?Really?

Naturally, Nino-kun stoked the fire by saying Aiba-kun’s been lying all the time recently.

That guy's been lying recently

In desperation, Aiba-kun asked his senpai (senior) to look into his eyes to see the honesty:

Look into my eyes

The assistant for this episode was Savanna’s Takahashi-san, who did a comic version of Shounentai’s biggest hit on the way in.

Takahashi 1Takahashi 2

So, what will “Mr. Perfect” teach Arashi? Well, first he has to slap Aiba-kun for some reason:

Higashima and Aiba 1Higashima and Aiba 2

Aiba-kun says that the tsukkomi hurt, so that probably means that he had made some silly comment to Higashiyama-san (in Japanese comedy, tsukkomi is a sharp witted response to silliness).

Tsukkomi ga Itai!

Right after that, Takahashi-san reveals that, at the end of the show, Arashi will be performing Shounentai’s hit “Kamen Butoukai” (仮面舞踏会 – masquerade ball) perfectly.

Kamen Botoukai

That’s good, because what follows is going to be a lot of talking, and we need something to look forward to. Higashiyama-san instructs Sakurai-san to change the set while doing a three-turn-minimum pirouette. Predictably, this turns out badly:

Sakurai Pirouette 1Sakurai Pirouette 2Sakurai Pirouette 3

The talk begins with stuff about Higashiyama-san’s daughter, who apparently resembles him and, at six months of age is already learning Michael Jackson dances. At least, that’s what I understood before I tuned out. I’m not that interested in the domestic stuff. This was a bit more interesting, though:

Arashi ni wa Zettai Makenai rashi

That says “it seems he absolutely doesn’t want to (or cannot) lose to Arashi.” That’s the spirit, Higashiyama-san! Afterward, he clarified that he doesn’t want to lost in anything, but he has some specifics, taking the Arashi members one-on-one. Against Sakurai-kun, he doesn’t want to lose in knowledge (知識 – chishiki), challenging Sakurai on his strongest trait.

Sakurai's Chishiki

Even though Sakurai-kun is a news presenter (I don’t know if it’s technically correct to call him “anchor”), Higashiyama-san refuses to give up:

Even so, I will not be defeated

That was pretty predictable. What about Aiba-kun? With Aiba, Higashiyama-san will absolutely not lose in being fun/interesting (面白さ – omoshirosa).

Aiba's Omoshirosa

pi pi pi pi pi pi pi piAh, it's Higashi dot com!

Well, that was pretty predictable, too. What about with Ohno, Nino, and MatsuJun? These are more of a surprise, so I’ll leave them that way. There was the distinct feeling that Higashiyama-san’s real rival was Matsumoto-kun.

Higashiyama v Matsumoto

After the talk, Higashiyama-san reveals that he will not have Arashi do muscle training, which was what they did the last time he was on, but the alternate seemed to have Arashi in enough trouble to require a huddle:

Arashi Huddle 1Arashi Huddle 2

I think, basically, there wasn’t a plan, and they were trying to come up with interesting questions to fill the time. So, the talk continued for a bit, then got to the promised performance of “Kamen Butoukai,” starting with a set change and a reminder of what the original performance looked like, back in 1986:

Set ChangeOriginal 1986 PerformanceOriginal 1986 Performance 2

I swear, Higashiyama-san doesn’t look like he’s changed at all in twenty-six years. He decides that he, Ohno-kun, and Aiba-kun will perform as Shounentai (which was a three person group). Trying to find roles for the others, he quickly figures that Nino-kun’s no good at dancing, and so assigns him to managing the set (ouch – harsh). Finally, he tells Sakurai-kun and Matsumoto-kun that they’ll be the backdancers – the Johnny’s junior group called “Ninja” – which they immediately object to because it’s the worst part.

But that's the hardest part!

Next, they have to practice (and there are few things better than watching Arashi members rehearsing what they do so well – dance):

Rehearsal 1Rehearsal 2Rehearsal 3Rehearsal 4

Unfortunately, the rehearsal reel was only a couple of minutes. Then, we get the real thing, complete with goofy eighties costumes and Nino the stage hand:

Costumes 1Costumes In ActionNino Stage Hand

The only downside to the performance is that they only did the dancing – the singing was from the original recording, and not the voices of Ohno-kun and Aiba-kun. Well, you can’t have everything.

Not Really Their Voices

The best part had to be when Sakurai-kun and MatsuJun-kun made their entrance:

Sho and Jun enter 1Sho and Jun enter 2Sho and Jun enter 3

And that was that. It was worth it for the performance – otherwise it was a pretty average affair. The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi is tricky, but I’ll give it to Aiba-kun because he interacted with Higashiyama-san humorously early on and without prompting. With the others, Higashiyama-san handed them a way to be interesting (for instance, by making Nino-kun in charge of the prop during the performance). Besides, Higashiyama-san noted that Aiba-kun’s strength was in being fun and interesting, so who am I to argue?

Spare Aiba Screenshot