In the previous episode of HamaKisu, we left Kis-My-Ft2 in the middle of a forest, where they were struggling to survive. Actually, they were divided into two teams and were competing to survive – team with the most fat left on them by the end wins. The red team went herbivore – immediately gathering plants under the expert guidance of Tamamori-kun.

They have plants!

The blue team was sorely lacking in guidance, and failed in its attempts to procure fish, so Hamaguchi-san, who is supposed to be training them for the variety show world, provided an alternative: snake. And yes, they cooked and ate snake, which was definitely the highlight of last week’s show.

Most awkward way to eat snake ever

The net result is that the red team is way ahead through the first six hours in the forest:

Team Comparison

As we continue this forest survival mission, we find the blue team trying to fish again. Will they succeed this time, or spend the rest of the time standing there? If they catch something, how big will it be?

Blue Team Fishing

Red team fills up on flora (during which we find out that one of them is definitely weak on the survival front), then moves on to their own fishing phase, but their technique is more direct – using nets rather than fishing rods:

Still Cooking GreensTamamori Munching on GreensRed Team Fishing

But before we find out how successful they are, Hamaguchi-san arrives with a surprise for them.

Hamaguchi Bearing Gifts

I guess he had to be fair, and since there was one for the blue team (the snake), there must be one for the red team. What could it be? Or should I say, how bad will it be?

The Red Box

Again, Hamaguchi-san claims it’s something to eat, but he’s already proved that his definition of what’s edible is pretty broad. I think this is possibly worse than snakes, in a way. You’ll have to judge for yourself. It’d make an interesting poll, actually.

What Do You Suppose It Is?

Hamaguchi-san told the red team that the blue team had already eaten a snake, perhaps to make sure that they wouldn’t back down, but they decided to give fishing another try anyway, this time with rods:

Fishing Redux

Will they be able to avoid eating whatever’s in the red box? There’s a lot of anticipation driving interest throughout this episode, keeping it from ever getting boring. During the second attempt at fishing, Tamamori-kun continues to cook and eat the veggies:

Fishing Going Badly?

But even he admits that wants the taste of something different, and the editors cut to the secret item in the box that the red team is trying to avoid. The fishing is so taxing that we soon see the rest of the red team munching on greens, too. How long can this last before they finally cave in?

Even though the greens taste good . . .

Well, they’re definitely resistant (not to mention amazingly herbivorous), so they decide to hunt for bamboo shoots (タケノコ – takenoko) instead. I’m no big bamboo shoot fan, but I’d readily go for them over the red-box-alternative myself. But gathering bamboo shoots is not easy:

Bamboo Shoot Hunt

Meanwhile, with time running out, the blue team finally gets to plant gathering, and what do they find? Wasabi! (ワサビ) And yes, you can apparently just pull it from the ground and start munching on it (though it’s still chilly):

WasabiWasabi Taste Test

But that’s not all they find. Do you know what Fujigaya-kun is pulling out here?

What's Fujigaya Got There?

By the way, I love how they just fearlessly bite into things. It’s . . . refreshing. Having lived in a city all my life with no wilderness experience, I find myself envious.

The final teasers: what did Kitayama-kun find here?

What Did Kitayama Get?

And, of course, which team wins?

Final Weigh-In

We’ll find out the answer to those two questions next week.