Wait a minute – you mean Sashihara Rino (指原 莉乃) released three singles in May? Her debut solo single was released on May 2nd. She was a part of the mothership AKB48 single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” that sold 1.616 million last week and barely missed number one this week with 128,604 for a total of 1,745,399 copies sold. And she was part of the single that forced AKB48 into the number two slot – Not Yet‘s “Suika Baby” (西瓜Baby – Watermelon Baby), which managed 135,513.

That’s not fair, is it? I mean, wow. I haven’t seen enough of her to evaluate, but I trust she must be a really phenomenal talent to release three singles in a month. Otherwise, there were at least 47 (probably more like 200 or so) girls who were waiting in line for the opportunity.

Sashihara-chan aside, SKE48 held #7 in their third week with “Aishite Raburu!” with a running total of 538,394 sold. Nogizaka46 actually stayed at #16 with “Oide Shampoo” breaking the 200,000 copy mark – 200,326 in five weeks. To stay in the top twenty for five weeks is pretty impressive. NMB48 was in #20 with the fourth week of “Nagiichi” sales taking to total to 410,142.

NYC’s “Haina!” took number 8 in its second week, selling 14,968 for a total of 106,050. It’s still shy of “Wonderful Cupid” by over two thousand copies, but it should pass that easily next week. I really think it should be selling stronger, though, considering the quality of the song. On the bright side, “Haina!” is still doing better than Yuzu’s “with you” (#14 – total 41,984) and Glay‘s “Bible” (#23 – total 54,543) combined.

And that’s it. All other 100,000+ sellers have dropped below the #30 mark. Next week, we can look forward to seeing the sales of the new Arashi single “Your Eyes” and I’ll do special coverage of the Hey! Say! Jump album, since I made a small contribution to that number. Will Arashi have two singles in the top 30 at the same time? We’ll find out.