VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, usually featuring a different team of actors or comedians competing against them, but this week we had a battle between five-person idol groups. Arashi faced off against Momoiro Clover Z which is . . . well . . . like this:

Momoiro Clover Z

Combined Cheer

They were supported by Yama-chan, who was also on Himitsu no Arashi-chan this week. The “plus one” guest added to the Arashi team was Sugimoto Aya-san.

Sugimoto Aya

I’m not a fan of the cutesy girl groups, probably because I get annoyed by squeaky voices, but I have to give credit where it counts – these girls sure tried hard. And while I have trouble with their cotton candy personalities, the Momoiro Clover Z members took on the athletic games with praiseworthy confidence.

The first game was Cliff Climb, which really set the tone for how ambitiously the Momoiro Clover Z team would take the challenge to Arashi. They went first, and there was no hint of doubt in them.

Momoiro Cliff ClimbMomoiro Cliff Climb Supporters

It was pretty clear that Arashi was going to be facing a tough time. Were Ohno-san and Aiba-kun up to the task?

Ohno and Aiba Cliff Climb

Well, not before they did Momoiro-like self-introductions. Aiba-kun went first, completely botching his line:

Aiba Botches His LineBatsu

For some reason, he referred to a “3000 year history,” but the line got so badly messed up, that they more or less called him “Mr. 3000 years” for the rest of the show. Ohno-san did it perfectly, and with full cutesiness:

Ohno PoseOhno Intro

His strong point, by the way, was being able to sleep anywhere.

Ohno's Strong Point

Continuing with the athleticism, they went on to Pinball Runner. The Momoiro Clover runner was all smiles:

Momoiro Pinball Runner

After their turn, Ninomiya-kun made one of his clever comments, so Yama-chan decided to turn the tables, having Nino-kun do his self-introduction as “Nino-rin.”

Uh-oh!!Ninori-nNinorin Da YoEmbarrassment or Pride?

With Arashi up, Matsumoto-kun had to give his cute self-intro:

Junrin Da Yo

So, we’ve done climbing and running. If we’re going to stay energetic, there’s only one option – we have to go to Kicking Sniper. And again, the Momoiro Clover Z team managed to show their strength right away, but can they really continue performing at a high level after all the jumping around they’ve already done?

Kicking Sniper

For Arashi, we had Sugimoto-san, Ohno-san, and with his cute self-intro, Sakurai-san (or should I say Sho-rin).

Sho 1Sho 2Sho-rin

With Rolling Coin Tower next, it might seem like things were calming down a bit, but Momoiro Clover insisted on doing a pre-game cheer, getting Arashi to join in:

Pregame Cheer

You know what? I don’t think the girls were tired at all. I also think that Arashi had a lot of fun in this episode.

Arashi Having Fun

Rolling Coin Tower turned out much more interesting than it usually is. The tower got quite high, and the girls had a tricky time reaching the top of it.

The final game was Korokoro Viking, and this was a superbly high-tension round of this game. Yama-chan started things off by asking to raise the stakes – changing the 50 pt slot into a 100 pt slot. In return, Arashi asked for some funny faces, and got them:

Funny Face 1Funny Face 2

The faces were so good that Matsumoto-kun gave them more than they asked for.

Two 100pt Slots

On Arashi’s turn, they did funny faces to get a similar favor, though I don’t think these were the funny faces that Momoiro wanted. I won’t spoil the surprise – you’ll have to watch to see. I think you’ll be underwhelmed, though.

With the hundred point slot in its place, Matsumoto-kun decided to pull rank and put Momoiro Clover Z in their place, addressing them as “kouhai” (後輩 juniors – which they are in relation to Arashi in the music industry):

Oi Oi Kouhai!You Tell Them, MJ

All that’s left is the finish. Which idol team will win?

This was a great episode of VS Arashi for all sorts of reasons. There wasn’t any dull moment, and you got the sense that everyone was enjoying themselves. Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi? Wow, that’s a tough one. Every Arashi member had their good moments. I think MatsuJun and Nino-kun deserve top consideration, and . . . I can’t pick between them.