HamaKisu (濱キス) is a half-hour variety show hosted by Hamaguchi Masaru (濱口優)and Kis-My-Ft2, and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. Why? Because they do something different every time (which is what I think variety shows should be all about), they take on tasks that they are not necessarily good at, and might embarrass themselves on, and the shows are mostly filmed on location rather than in a studio.

HamaKisu Title

This episode is all about mountain survival skills, which is not something you associate with well-groomed and styled idols like Kis-My-Ft2. They gave it five stars for difficulty, but the particular tasks were pretty straightforward: get water, fish for food, and gather edible plantlife. Kis-My-Ft2 compete divided into two teams – red and blue. The duration of the competition is twelve hours.

Description12 Hour Limit

First, the weight-in, after which Hamaguchi-san notes that the team that gains the most weight (or, presumably, loses the least) will be victorious. This is a delightful little turnaround, because we can be pretty sure that idols rarely see gaining weight as their goal.

Weigh-inFattest Team Wins

With the two teams setting off, we first see team blue trying to decide who will be the leader by, of course, janken (rock-paper-scissors):


I have to say that Fujigaya seems oddly disengaged throughout all this, apparently either bummed out, sick, or tired. He’s certainly not very talkative and didn’t bother to compete for the title of leader.

After blue team leader was chosen, they discussed whether to go for the fish or the water first. The leader’s logic ended up being that water doesn’t run away, so they should start with the fish.

Water Doesn't Run Away . . .

It’s a decision they’ll end up regretting.

The red team, on the other hand, had the right idea, going for the water immediately. Along the way, Tamamori-kun shows great aptitude in nibbling on plants, apparently being quite a herbivore. As a result, the red team quickly racks up quite a store of greens.

Red Team Goes for WaterEdible Plants!Taste TestAh!More GreensAnother for the HerbivoresQuite a Selection

And Tamamori-kun keeps nibbling on them:

Tamamori MunchingStill MunchingTotal Herbivore

They get to the water, which is flowing out of a rather convenient spout:

Almost Too Easy, Isn't It?

Then the task is cooking the greens, which they left to the specialist, Tamamori-kun:

Boiling GreensTasting

Kitayama-kun likes the results:


After following the red team around, Hamaguchi-san departs to see how the blue team is doing:

Hamaguchi Shifts to Blue Team

As it turns out, their throats are getting parched and they’re having trouble with their fishing, so they decide to go for the water, after all.

Fishing's Tough Without WaterHiking to WaterGot Water?

Back to the fishing, they continue for three hours with no luck:

At fishing for three hours

Hamaguchi-san is shocked, so he decides to present them with a choice of two boxes, both of which contain food:

Hamaguchi arrivesTwo Boxes

They get to pick one. I think I’ll leave what was in the one they picked as a surprise – you’ll have to watch to find out. It is a surprise, by the way, and you’ll really appreciate how fiendish Hamaguchi-san is with this one. As a bit of a hint, here they are, sharing a piece of the resulting food in the most awkward way imaginable (they must have been really hungry, though I think it’s safe to say Fujigaya-kun was not sick):

Why don't they just break it up into pieces?I mean, seriously

Yeah, that was weird. And so ends the first half of their survival training. Watch the second half of the day next week!