Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) is an hour-long variety show hosted by Arashi. Typically, it has two segments, but this week it was just the “share house” (シェア ハウス) segment – the one that replaced V.I.P. limousine – for the entire hour. The share house segment just involves Arashi having a (so far only female) guest over to their lavishly furnished stage-house. They then proceed to talk, cook, and eat with the guest. Last week, with Lola as the guest it was actually pretty good, but usually the segment is fairly boring.

Arashi Share House

Does the fact that the segment is an hour long mean that the guest is especially interesting? Not really. What it actually means is that the guest, Kichise Michiko, recently appeared in Aiba-kun’s Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri drama. While Kichise-san is a sharp character in dramas, on variety shows she behaves with all the expected politeness and reserve that bore me to death.

Of course, since the guest was Kichise-san was there, Aiba-kun was the main host, with Nino-kun accompanying (actually, in this case, causing trouble). Nino and Aiba start off the show lounging around and talking with each other, seeming bored and tired.

Nino Tucks InNino and Aiba

Kichise-san enters and comes bearing handmade cake:

Kichise MichikoBearing Handmade Cake

Ninomiya-kun expresses skepticism, but doesn’t push it:

Uso Tsuite!

And they eat, remembering how Kichise-san picked Nino-kun as her favorite when she last appeared on Himitsu no Arashi-chan:

Kichise Picked Nino

Then, of course, they had to talk about the kiss scene between Kichise-san and Aiba-kun in Mikeneko Holmes, and the talk moved on to Ninomiya-kun’s kiss scene experiences.

Talking about the kiss sceneNino on kiss scenes

I guess other Arashi fans must love hearing them talk about stuff like this, but I couldn’t care less. I slept through the first half of the show and woke up for the cooking. Aiba-kun did most of the work while Nino slept:

Aiba CookingNino Napping

Ninomiya-kun gave Kichise-san a taste of some “Aiba Tea” (相葉茶):

Aiba Cha 1Aiba Cha 2Aiba Cha 3Nino Cracks Up

And that, folks, was the most interesting moment of the show, though their takoyaki must have tasted interesting, considering they put in chocolate bits and natto and all sorts of other stuff in:

Takoyaki 1Takoyaki 2Takoyaki 3Choco Natto!?

So began a case of Takoyaki Russian Roulette. They were so random about it that Nino-kun got one with nothing in it:

Nino !?It has nothing in it(Confirmed)

Kichise-san had not yet acquired the taste for hers, which actually had ingredients in:

Takoyaki MalfunctionReaches for the Aiba Tea

And almost fell for the “Aiba Tea” a second time but, being too careful to be funny, she sniffed it before drinking it down:


Aiba also had trouble with the takoyaki:

Aiba Can't Take It Either

Close to the end, we got a special guest arriving in a box (sort of Arashi no Shukudai-kun style, if you remember that show). I won’t mention who it is, since it was the surprise the show teased every time it went to commercial break. That said, don’t get your hopes up.

Secret Guest

Finally, Aiba-kun took a picture with Nino-kun and Kichise-san:

Picture TimeAiba with the camera

The heart and soul of the show were Aiba Tea and Takoyaki Russian Roulette. Other than that, if you feel like passing on this episode, I wouldn’t blame you. Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for the episode has to go to Ninomiya-kun for calling Kichise-san a liar right from the start and then laughing so hard after the Aiba Tea incident.

Good news: next time is a one hour Mannequin Five special, which will definitely be fun to watch.