VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, featuring a different team of actors or comedians competing against them every week. This week, the opposition was the Hokkaido acting group TEAM NACS led by Oizumi Yo (大泉 洋), with special supporter Naito Daisuke (内藤 大助), who’s a fellow Hokkaido native:

TEAM NACSNaito Daisuke

Before we could get to them, though, Arashi had to do a “Nino fashion check”, examining what crazy outfit Ninomiya Kazunari had ready for fans this time:

Nino Fashion Check

In this case, they wondered whether the jacket was a “ladies” jacket, while Ninomiya-kun insisted that it was unisex.

Kore Ladies Desu Ka Ne?Iya Unisex Desu!

Aiba-kun checked it out and confirmed it was unisex:

Aiba Confirms It's Unisex

With that necessary preliminary out of the way, the guests came in, and we were also introduced to the “plus one” guests who would be helping out the Arashi side:

Seiran and Kanon

That’s Kobayashi Seiran-chan and Tani Kanon-chan. I’ve praised Tani-chan a lot recently for her role in Papadol!, and Seiran-chan was in “Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku” alongside Matsumoto Jun-kun (Tani-chan was in that drama as well, but in a lesser role). These two are, even at their young age, seasoned actresses having had roles in more than half a dozen dramas. As always happens where there are young kids on VS Arashi and most other variety shows, they will be the focus of attention throughout the episode.

Between the perennially scene-hogging Oizumi-san and the two kids, there really wasn’t much room for Arashi in this one, unlike in recent episodes.

The first game was Korokoro Viking. The point of interest in the game was, of course, the way in which the two girls would participate. In this case, Tani Kanon played opposite Sakurai-san . . . which was hilarious. If you don’t know why that’s hilarious, you might want to take a look at my Papadol! reviews. In that drama, Tani-chan played a kid obsessed with Sakurai-san, who she considers her “soul mate.” Seiran-chan is smaller than Tani-chan, and so shared a post with Matsumoto-kun.

Korokoro VikingTani-chan

After that, they played Pinball Runner. For TEAM NACS, it was Oizumi-san doing the running, and he had a novel strategy: he ordered the helpers who are supposed to shout out numbers to stay silent – to not say one word unless a pink ball is coming. He argued that all the shouting of numbers was too confusing. Will this strategy of his work? Watch to find out!

Pinball Runner 1Pinball Runner 2

Ohno-san ran for the Arashi team, and his supporters were the kids – Aiba-kun, Seiran-chan, and Tani-chan. I have to admit, Aiba-kun is great with kids, and it really shows here. Whether this combination of supporters did much to help Ohno-san . . . .

The KidsPoor Ohno

Pinball Runner was followed by Bank Bowling, with Nino-kun taking the first frame with Tani-chan and Sakurai-san taking the second with Seiran-chan. Not much to say about Bank Bowling except who’s playing, is there? For TEAM NACS, Oizumi-san once again figured out a way to get more than his fair share of camera time.

Nino and TaniOizumi Attracts Attention

Shotgun Disk was a bit of a yawner. Only Matsumoto-kun’s netting of the camera man was remotely interesting:

Matsumoto Catches a Cameraman

The final game was Kicking Sniper, in which TEAM NACS put its best guns forward . . .

Kicking Sniper

. . . and for some reason started doing monomane (impressions):

Monomane 1Monomane 2

A bit too relaxed, aren’t they? MatsuJun, Sakurai-san, and the two girls kicked for Arashi, with the girls getting a closer position as a handicap:

Special Position for the Girls

But that was definitely not enough of a handicap, so they asked to be allowed to toss the ball rather than kick it:

Don't have much strength . . .Onegai shimasu

After a bit of obligatory delay and Arashi calling them horrible for denying the request, TEAM NACS agreed, letting Seiran-chan and Tani-chan kick or throw, whichever they preferred.

NACS Hidee!OK!Girls Happy

Then, for reasons I’m not sure of, Sakurai-san memorialized Aiba-kun with regard to his shoes (I’ll have to translate this sequence in detail to be able to figure out what Sakurai was on about):

The Shoes and Aiba

So, did Arashi win? Maybe, maybe not. One thing I can say for certain is that this episode’s Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi is a real tough choice. It wasn’t Ohno-san or Ninomiya-kun, but I could make good cases for the other three. In the end, I’ll have to give it to MatsuJun, who seemed like the most energetic member this week.

We got some interesting teasers after the show. First of all, Ninomiya-kun’s new carrot-top:


And then a preview of next weeks episode, in which Arashi battle against another idol group: Momoiro Clover Z!

Momoiro Clover Z

If this time went a bit slow, I think next week will make up for it.