Let’s take care of all the AKB48 sister groups first, with the mothership launching its newest million-seller today. In the past week, SKE48 captured the number one spot with “Aishite Raburu!” selling 472,327. It looks like they might be approaching levels that can compete with Arashi – watch out Arashi fans! NMB48’s “Nagiichi” held #8 with 16,823 copies sold for a two-week total of 392,608. Nogizaka46‘s “Oide Shampoo” managed #21 in its third week, totaling 182,736. Sashihara Rino barely kept in the top thirty, taking #28 with her “Soredemo Suki Da Yo” selling 142,689 altogether so far.

Of course, you could take the total sales of SKE48, NMB48, Nogizaka46, and Sashihara Rino and add them all together, and you probably still won’t get what AKB48 will sell in the coming week.

This week’s numbers two and three were unremarkable in sales, but each group is worth mentioning. The Korean pop group SHINee got number two with their “sherlock” selling 48,990. Inches behind them, AAA’s “Still Love You” sold 48,284.

Arashi’s “Face Down” took #4 with 39,415, giving a two-week total of 565,521. The second week drop-off always amazes me, but this pretty much according to expectations.

Super Junior is still going strong with “Opera” holding #11, selling a total of 171,299 in two weeks.

Mr.Children‘s “祈り~涙の軌道/End of the day/pieces” dropped out of the top ten in its fifth week (finally). But its drop to number 15 is probably due to all the group’s fans spending money on their two best-of albums. The two-week totals for these albums might challenge even AKB48: the 2005-2010 album has sold 911,345 and the 2001-2005 album went to 886,947 eager buyers. That’s within spitting distance of 1.8 million in total! That’s just two weeks, and these are albums! Even if you’re a fan of an idol group, you might want to give Mr. Children a listen – their music really touches a lot of people in Japan.

Last, but not least, SMAP held onto the top thirty at #25 with “Sakasama no Sora” totaling 165,633 in four weeks. I say “not least,” but SMAP fans really need to get out there! I mean, SMAP is getting beaten by Super Junior! Not to mention by the estranged sisters of AKB (Nogizaka46). Obviously, SMAP doesn’t grab the single-buying demographic, but this is an emergency!