Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) is the hour-long variety show hosted by Arashi. There are different segments each week, though most weeks begin with Arashi hosting a female guest.

Himitsu no Arashi-chan Title

The guest this time was the female lead of Papadol!, Yuka (優香):


I say the female lead, though after watching the first episode of Papadol!, I have to say that Kawashima Umika did more actual acting in the drama. Maybe that will change in later episodes. Anyway, Ohno-san and Sakurai-san get cozy with Yuka-san in their new set, and I start to yawn:

New SetCozy

I think I might have blanked out for a few minutes, but then my ears caught the word “niku” (肉 – meat):

Niku!Niku da ne Niku!

Well, that’ll definitely get my attention every time. I don’t like it when TV personality spend air time eating, but tend to forgive them if they at least do some cooking first:


Okay, at least they’re not just sitting around talking and stuffing their face. It gets better, though: a video arrives. And on that video is an exercise queen who has been making the rounds on the variety shows (she was also on School Kakumei this week):

Exercise Queen 1Exercise Queen 2

So, now everybody has to exercise after eating. Well, whatever works:

Exercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3

Again,anything to keep them from sitting around the whole time. In short, since they found excuses to get the guys moving, I managed to keep my eyes open through this segment. I might even try some of the stretches.

Next up was more of a favorite of mine: Mannequin Five. In this case, Ohno and Sakurai were up against two models and a soccer-star-turned-tv-personality:

Mannequin FiveThe ChallengersFashion Model 1Fashion Model 2

I’m can’t put screencaps of the segment, because I don’t want to give away their outfits. I can say that Ohno-san’s came closest to something that I’d actually wear, but . . . I still wouldn’t. There was one outfit that was totally shocking, one looked sharp (i.e. I wish I could pull it off, but I can’t), and the rest were pretty middle-of-the-road. The must-have item was a tie:

Must Have a Necktie

And here are the potential buyers:

Potential Buyers

Who got left unsold? Actually, if you’ve seen a lot of Mannequin Fives, it will not come as much of a surprise . . . I think.

Most Omoshiroi Arashi? I’ll give it to Ohno-san for his face when checking the door, his reaction to the meat, and for certain details of his outfit.

Ohno ExpressionFinding the MeatYay!

As a final note, we got to see the result of the Mannequin Five Special a few weeks ago (you had better have watched it by now) on its journey throughout Japan, promoting Himitsu no Arashi with the hilariously posed Aiba in his . . . unique outfit:

Mannequin Five Truck 1Mannequin Five Truck 2Mannequin Five Truck 4Mannequin Five Truck 5Mannequin Five Truck 6

They sure seem to get a kick out of seeing it, don’t they?