VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, normally featuring a different team of actors or comedians competing against them every week. However, every now and again, there’s a team of real athletes opposing them, which is what we got this week with the All-Japan Women’s Volleyball Team.

ArashiWomen's Volleyball Team

I love it when the Women’s Volleyball Team appears on VS Arashi for many reasons. First of all, I prefer tall, confident, athletic women to the overly cutesy, frilly AKB48 type, and find that Japanese television features far more of the latter than the former. Second, Arashi has a long history of supporting volleyball, ever since their début, and it always brings back memories. Third, the women have a lot of character as individuals, especially their captain, Araki Erika-san (荒木絵里香). Lastly, since they’re athletic, the more physically challenging games are played, and we don’t have to put up with slow stuff like Rolling Coin Tower.

Seriously Tall

Of course, it’s also true that they present a real challenge to Arashi.

The Plus One guests this time were the comedian duo Surimu Kurabu (スリムクラブ – probably “Slim Club” though the name never appears that way), winners of the 2010 M-1 Grand Prix. So, they’re top-of-the-line comedians, but this is their first time working with Arashi. That said, Maeda Ken-san (真栄田賢) (the tall one), said he’s stalked Aiba-kun before:

Surimu KurabuAiba Stalking 1Aiba Stalking 2Aiba Stalking 3

Or something like that. The first competition was Korokoro Viking, which was a slower start than I was expecting, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Korokoro VikingAraki Erika-sanGoing Laconic This Time

Arashi decided to demoted Aiba-kun to a supporter role for this one. That’s a bit unfortunate, after he performed at a high level last week, but there was some concern about the Nino-Aiba pair:

Nino and AibaNino and Aiba 2

Next up was Jungle Bingo, introduced like this:

Jungle Bingo Intro

Notice Maeda-san behind Aiba-kun? The stalking continues:

Pointing Out that Maeda is always behind AibaAiba's Stalker?

For those unfamiliar with the game, this is what Jungle Bingo looks like:

The TopThe StartThe Apprehension

Looks fun, no? Next up was Shotgun Disk. Not much to say about this one, except that I would have rather seen an Arashi member up there with the net instead of Maeda-san:

Maeda-san with the NetWhat's So Funny, Ohno-kun?Please Stop with the Twitter

I don’t know what the Twitter talk was about. Was Maeda-san posting updates during the show? Anyway, we sure got a lot of expressions from the volleyball team in this game:

Volleyball Team 1Volleyball Team 2Volleyball Team 3

Bound Hockey began with some joking at Aiba-kun’s expense (I’m not exactly sure what it was all about – will have to consult a dictionary later):

Aiba's Spirited Words

And by the end of Bound Hockey, Aiba expressed frustration:

Aiba Frustrated

Everyone's Acting Strange/Ridiculous

The last game was Kicking Sniper.

Kicking SniperKicking Sniper 2Kicking Sniper 3

Watch to find out why Sakurai-kun declared this volleyball player the Sakurai-type:


Altogether, it was another energetic VS Arashi, keeping up the good flow from last week. The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi was Aiba-kun again. Much as I hate naming the same person two weeks in a row, a lot of the attention on the Arashi side was focused on him – from Maeda-san stalking him to his pairing with Nino in Korokoro Viking to funny exchanges at the start of Bound Hockey. Heck, he even got his sayings written in fancy calligraphy, so there was really no question who had to win the M.O.A.

But the real question remains: did Arashi manage to beat the Women’s Volleyball Team?

By the way, you really won’t want to miss next week’s VS Arashi: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be giving Shotgun Disk a try!