HamaKisu (濱キス) is a half-hour variety show hosted by Hamaguchi Masaru (濱口優)and Kis-My-Ft2, in which Hamaguchi is training the seven members of the idol group as top-notch variety show personalities. This is no joke (though it’s hilarious to watch) because the Kis-My-Ft2 members are constantly challenged to do things that they are not very good at. It really gives you an appreciation for what an entertainer like Hamaguchi-san has been through.

HamaKisu Title

The first task this time is a continuation of last week’s eating of 1000 senbei (rice crackers – these are serious crackers, folks, not wheat thins). I said last week that they had one more episode on this at most before they would challenge my attention span. Luckily, they knew this as well as I did, and they did better – they only took half an episode. That speaks volumes about the show’s continued success.

Eating 1000 rice crackers

One downside to the wrap-up was that Kitayama-kun had to leave for work (I wonder what he was doing that late at night – they didn’t show it), so he wasn’t present for the grand finale (though he took some senbei with him as a contribution to the effort).

Kitayama has to leave


Hamaguchi-san asks Tamamori-kun whether he’s all right (大丈夫 – daijoubu):

Tamamori Daijoubu Ka?

And it turns out . . . not really, no:

Iya, Daijoubu ja nai

They tried using the mixer again, but Tamamori-kun found the fine powder a bit hard to swallow:

About the MixerTamamori Can't Take It

So did Hamaguchi-san, by the way:

Hamaguchi Can't Either

Hamaguchi decided to contribute by eating seven senbei while giving the Kis-My-Ft2 members a chance to nap (so that they would not drop below the necessary pace to finish on time). In the process, he named himself part of the group:

Has-My-Ft2?The Rest Nap

The final variety of senbei were real whoppers:

Bloody Giant Rice Crackers

And there was no easy sprint to the finish line here:

Not Easy

Hamaguchi-san joined in, this time appending his name to the end of the group instead of supplanting Kitayama-kun:

Kis-My-Ft-H2What a Feast!Just one of these and I'd be done for the day

But, once they got through it, I think the elation and relief was real enough:

Finale 1Celebrate!

And that was that. Considering they apparently had to skip the May Shounen Club filmings for this, I think they were genuinely taxed by this ordeal – it was quite a sacrifice on their part to put on a good show. And, to be sure, this is not the sort of thing idols are usually asked to do.

1000 Senbei: Clear!

Luckily, the show didn’t end there, because the next segment was even better. There’s no letting up from Hamaguchi-san:


A Live Performance at Tokyo Dome?Yeah, but nobody knows you yet!

Basically, in the screencaps above, Hamaguchi-san says that even though thy managed to fill Tokyo Dome with fans, nobody actually knows them yet. To prove this, he’s come up with the following challenge:

Challenge 2Challenge 3

Basically, they have to go to five different areas of Tokyo and do street interviews of certain types of people there (elderly man, elderly woman, salaryman, etc.). The goal is to find someone who can name all the members of Kis-My-Ft2. The difficulty here, of course, is that some of the required types of people are not in Kis-My-Ft2’s target demographic, but would have to be if they were to put on a successful variety show (i.e. on the level of SMAP and Arashi, who have great name recognition). They only have to clear three of the five areas to pass the challenge.

First Target Group

They start off with one of the more difficult groups: the grandpas and grandmas. This is delightfully frustrating for them. Again, I really appreciate that they are taking on tasks that might embarrass them, and I think that speaks volumes to their character.

Could You Give Us a Minute?Walk Right PastDidn't Even Pause for a SecondShe's Seen Them On TV! . . . But Doesn't Know Their Names

I won’t give away the exact results of today’s street interviews, except to say that we are definitely continuing this challenge next week, and one of the Kis-My-Ft2 members has a clear lead in name recognition (try to guess which one!).