This week’s VS Arashi (VS 嵐)was noticeably more energetic than recent weeks have been. For details about how this show works, see reviews of the April episodes. Opposing Arashi was a team of comedians, including Gori-san, Becky-san, and Haruna Ai-san, and if you know anything about those three, you know that they bring a lot of energy to every show they’re in. Not surprisingly, with all the comic wildness in the air, Aiba-kun seemed chipper as well (not to mention Becky appeared in the first episode of his drama and so he got a free plug). The Plus One guest was Naoto Inti Raymi (ナオト・インティライミ)

VS Arashi TitleArashiThe Opposing Team

As has become a tradition, the show began with a remark about Ninomiya-kun’s eye-catching clothing choice of the week:

Golden Shorts

Seems practically normal compared to his recent outfits, doesn’t it? Anyway, after Gori-san trying out a new catchphrase a few times by shouting it as loud as possible . . .

Gori's Watch Your MouthGori's Watch Your Mouth 2

. . . we finally got to Kicking Sniper. As usual, the results were pretty hard to predict, and I’m not going to tell you how it went. It was a good start to the show, though, and Becky got to have a little exchange with Aiba-kun:

Kicking SniperBeckyAiba

I’m not totally clear about what it was all about, except that it had to so with her experience working with him on the drama. Aiba-kun showed how charged-up he was when it was his turn at the game:

Aiba amped upAiba talking in big yellow letters

After that, we got Pinball Runner. On the Arashi side, Ninomiya-kun did the running, while Sakurai-san, Matsumoto-kun, and Naoto-san did the shouting:

Nino RunningThe Supporters

It was a pretty normal Pinball Runner – there are rarely any surprises in this particular game. As usual, they pretend it’s all about the pink balls and who calls them, and assign the task to the plus one guest, who at least ends up making Nino laugh:

Naoto's PinkuuNino laughs

The next game was bank bowling, which was a pleasant surprise – it’s one of the rare games. That said, I don’t actually like it ever since they started having two people bowl at the same time. I understand why they did it – to get more players involved in the game – but it tends to mean the second rounds are only important if the red pin is still standing. Anyway, Becky and Gussan were up for the opposing team and threw out another bit of token unnecessary English:

Becky and GussanUnnecessary English

Then Gori-san with Haruna Ai-san:

Gori and Haruna Ai

For Arashi, it was Naoto and Ohno, and the show did a quick gloss-over of the second Arashi round for the sake of time (not many points were scored):

Naoto and Ohno

Shotgun Disk followed that, with Becky and Aiba doing the catching, and I think Aiba might have finally won me over to this game. Unfortunately, few people will put the energy into it that he did.

Becky CatchingAiba Catching

Sakurai-san was totally unconcerned when Becky was up, then pointed out that Aiba was totally suited to the catcher role:

Sakurai NonchalantAiba's most suited

And Aiba-kun sure seemed to think it would be a lot of fun:

TanoshiiiSuge Tanoshii

So, would they get the energetic Aiba who performs brilliantly or the energetic Aiba who totally screws it up? Watch and find out!

The last game was Korokoro Viking, and I’m going to leave out screencaps and discussion of it to avoid spoilers.

Again, it was a pretty high-intensity episode, as you would hope they might put on for Golden Week. I guess it’ll come as no surprise that my Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for this episode was Aiba Masaki, who pretty much dominated the action in the episode. There was just no way to justify any other choice.

As a final note, I’ll leave you with screenshots of Gori shouting and Haruna Ai with a bazooka:

Gori Furious

Haruna Ai with Bazooka