HamaKisu (濱キス) is a half-hour variety show hosted by Hamaguchi Masaru (濱口優)and Kis-My-Ft2, in which Hamaguchi is training the seven members of the idol group as top-notch variety show personalities. The plot of this week’s episode picks up from last week, where the Kis-My-Ft2 members began their task to eat 1000 rice crackers (senbei) in 42 hours, to match a feat Hamaguchi himself managed five years ago.

Hamaguchi MasaruHamaKisu Title

The Seven Senbei Eaters

The challenge continues through this week and doesn’t end here, so the obvious question is: how do they keep it interesting? We pick up the story at the start of day two, as the Kis-My-Ft2 members wake up in their room of senbei doom:

Start of Day 2

And boy are they in pain:

Headaches Abound

Not only that, but the constant chewing on one side of their mouths is actually disfiguring them!

Disfigured by Chewing

And as the following graphic explains, that’s okay for variety show personalities, but dame (no good) for Johnny’s idols:

No good for idols

As a result of the pain and waning confidence, their pace on day two has so far been far below from day one:

Bad Pace

By the way, that’s one thing I absolutely love about Japanese shows – the Japanese aren’t afraid of numbers, so they’ll put up graphics giving you a quantitative grasp of the situation. I love numbers, but most Americans evidently change the channel as soon as they see one. Heck, I’ve even heard professors try to avoid using math for fear of alienating their students. Moving on, the Kis-My-Ft2 team need to turn things around desperately. Their solution? Milk:

Just Add MilkLooks Good, Doesn't It

They just invented rice cracker cereal, and there is much rejoicing:

Kitayama Likes ItGeneral Agreement

And there’s a definite positive result to this innovation:

Benefit to Eating Cereal

But it’s not enough. Earlier, Hamaguchi-san had left them a secret weapon, and now they unwrap it:

Secret WeaponUnwrap 1Unwrap 2

Yes! A mixer! But what good’s a mixer? (get a load of the amazed looks here)

14 Crackers InMixing 1Mixing 2AmazementThe ResultVolume Change

It’s a miracle! Okay, I’m getting bored, and I think so are they. Fortunately, they have work to do and have to leave the room for practice. I didn’t realize that they were allowed to do that, but work is work, I suppose:

Going OutDance PracticeDance Practice 2Still Chewing

And there is a visit from A.B.C.-Z members, who are infuriatingly eating a proper meal:

A.B.C.-Z membersReal Meal

Somehow, Fujigaya gets back to the room-of-doom first, and decides to try to figure out which position is best for eating senbei:

Fujigaya Enters AloneWhere to Eat 1Where to Eat 2Funny Face for the Camera

Was the show amusing? Sure. But I was really looking for them to wrap up this challenge in this episode. It’s probably safe to draw it out through the next episode, but if they go any further than that, they’ll start testing my patience. It’s fair to spend a few episodes on this though, since it’s not an easy task and they spent two whole days being filmed for it. We’re still only watching a tiny fraction of the actual video recorded.

It think I’ve seen enough episodes of the show to start giving a rating. Call this one a 6 out of 10, relative to other HamaKisu episodes.