Actually, this review of the half-hour variety show HamaKisu (濱キス) hosted by Hamaguchi Masaru (濱口優)and Kis-My-Ft2 includes the second half of the April 18th episode, and the activities in it will continue into next week’s episode.

Hamaguchi versus Kis-My-Ft2

The challenge being faced by Kis-My-Ft2 this time is particularly daunting: they need to eat a thousand rice crackers (センベイ – senbei) in 42 hours. Hamaguchi-san and his variety show partner managed to finish a thousand in a week a few years back (though not without a lot of tears), and the time limit has been scaled to account for the fact that Kis-My-Ft2 has seven members rather than two.

1000 SenbeiThe Record

At face value, with so many members, it should be a lot easier for Kis-My-Ft2. And rice crackers seem . . . benign, right? I mean, I can easily imagine munching on hundreds of regular wheat crackers in a day.


Ah, but those are not senbei. In fact, until this episode, I didn’t realize how many types of senbei there are, and how menacing some of them can be.

The Toughest Senbei

The Toughest Senbei

The Chilliest Senbei

The Chilliest Senbei

I usually hate watching shows focused on people eating, but when there’s a challenge like this and formidable food like some of these crackers, it gets much more interesting.

Gargantuan Senbei with Nori

Gargantuan Senbei with Nori

And Kis-My-Ft2 did a wonderful job both selling their struggle and goofing around in the process.

It's a big projectNot looking happy

Can't Quite Get it In

Also some lethal looks from Kitayama-kun:

Kitayama looks Lethal

By the way, they don’t get to leave until they’ve finished:

Break out the Sleeping Bags

I really applaud this program for the serious challenges it puts Kis-My-Ft2 through, and Kis-My-Ft’s willingness to take on things that they will find difficult. I haven’t seen anything like this since C no Arashi, where the Arashi members were perpetually embarrassed in their struggles as claims agents. HamaKisu has definitely secured a permanent slot in my viewing list.